Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A-Z Challenge: Letter T

The letter T reminds me of Tuba, Talangka, and Taho.

Photo grabbed here.

Tuba means coconut wine. I've only tasted it once. It's sweet with a kick. It can also be referred to as Lambanog, which I discussed in Letter L. Double referrence, but it all boils down to being drunk. HaHa.

Photo grabbed here.

Recently, I discovered that our local Filipino grocery and wet market sells Talangka. They're known as Asian Shore Crabs. They're tiny crabs and they live along the riverbeds. I normally steam them and they're full of roe. Honestly, I can never eat them all the time. High blood pressure!

Photo grabbed here.

Taho is made of silky soft bean curd mixed with caramelized sugar called arnibal in Tagalog, and sago also known as tapioca pearls. In the Philippines, when the melodious shout of the Taho Vendor knocks your eardrums in the morning, you have to run out with cash and buy. I miss those days.

Photo grabbed here.

The Taho Vendor carries a thin wooden pole over his shoulder and two aluminum containers hang on the opposite ends. He walks around the neighborhood shouting "Tahooooo!" with his own magnetic melody. Taho Vendors are probably great singers. Their baritone voice gets thrown from one street corner to the next two blocks. HaHa.

Photo grabbed here.

The whole cup is definitely addictive. It's like morning crack. LOL.

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  1. You are so lucky you have no food allergies.


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