Wednesday, January 6, 2016

When Toxic People Disappear...

Photo grabbed here.

The day is much brighter when someone toxic disappear from your world. Your eyes don't shed any drop of tears because the news bring no pain. Instead, it brings peaceful relief.

I don't feel any remorse.

You can try calling me names or bully me all you want, if that's what you think would break me to tears, but nothing would change my reaction towards that toxic person.

For me, there's no more connection. It doesn't hit a nerve. For years, I've been free from their chains. A strong wall surrounds me. They can never hurt nor abuse me again. My whole journey changed me to who I want to be. I'm no longer the puppet whom they tried to control. No more strings to connect. I never want to connect anymore.

Rest in peace.

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  1. My family sucks too. I have some cousins that I am very fond of, most are quite a bit older and two are about 9 years younger than me. I like my inlaws WAY better.


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