Thursday, January 28, 2016

A-Z Challenge: Letter P

The letter P reminds me of Puto Bumbong and Puto Sulot. They're famous delicacies during Christmas in the Philippines.

Photo grabbed here.

Puto Sulot is made of sticky rice and sweetened with sugar and shredded coconut. It's best paired with coffee or tea.

Photo grabbed here.

Puto Bumbong, on the other hand, includes Ube or purple yam. They're both cooked in bamboos.

To get the Puto Sulot out of the bamboo, you need a stick to push it. Puto Bumbong must be shaken. I wish I could find a video and embed it here. Perhaps I'd do that later.

I know there are some small mom-and-pop Pinoy places here in California who sell these. I must hunt them down! LOL.

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