Monday, December 28, 2015

After My Hiatus...

Photo grabbed here.

Long absence.

My thought was never to use this blog again. For months, it sat in the cloud as I occupied myself with notebooks, journals, letters, library books, and Netflix. I unplugged myself, sort of. To be honest, it was more like I isolated myself. I became anti-social or introverted. My interests focused on writing by hand, reading actual books, or binge-watching TV shows. I avoided parties (not all of them); I stayed away from people. I became sick at home. It gave me plenty of time to be in bed. Normally, I'd lurk in social media, but I became more knowledgeable about NCIS and L&O-SVU instead. LOL. Not to mention the horrific episodes of American Horror Story, they were fascinating! The gory gothic world of dark black embraced me.

Maybe, I'm allergic. To people? Not really. More like, allergic to their bullshit. Everybody's full of BS. That includes me, of course. You smiled? See, I knew how to make you smile. I got tired of reading online news, politics, religion, crimes, etc. They're full of hatred. I even avoided Facebook posts because tons of people are fighting on their wall, having a divorce on their wall, etc. An invisible bubble appeared around me. I did step out and that was when I got sick. Boo.

I'm sorry. I owe you the remaining A to Z 2015 challenge I started. I promise to finish it soon. For now, I'm trying to catch up on a lot of things, fighting off depression, staying away from toxic people. Please bear with me.