Sunday, April 12, 2015

A-Z Challenge: Letter J

My letter J is all about Jeprox.

Photo taken here.

Jeprox is dried sole fish. It's crispy and salty. It's great with spicy vinegar and steamed white rice or garlic fried rice. Jeproxilog is one of my favorite meals. It consists of a deep fried jeprox with fried egg and garlic rice. Yummy! Please don't talk about dieting. LOL Anyway, this is totally not missed at all because one of my favorite Filipino restaurants serves this wonderful dish. If you are in Fremont, California, stop by at Cherry Garden along Mowry Avenue. They have the best Jeproxilog ever!


  1. Wow....i'm getting the impression that Filipino food is heavy on the fish. lol

    1. We're surrounded by water! Fishing is a big business.


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