Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A-Z Challenge: Letter G

I have 3 Gs for you today: Galunggong, Ginataan, and Guyabano.

Photo taken here.

Galunggong is one of my favorite crispy goodies. It's quite abundant to me when I was still living in the Philippines. That's because my parents were in the fishing business then, and they brought home bags and bags of fresh galunggong every night. They were either used marinated-then-deep-fried, smoked, or stewed as fish soup. I ate them all. I guess, I miss cooking fish at home more. I respect the neighbors and our landlord's house, that's why I avoid cooking fish at home. It can smell really fishy. I know there is a deep-fried service at Seafood City (or any Asian stores), but it is not the same as freshly cooked at home. We have a nickname for galunggong: Gigi (pronounced as Jee-Jee). Gigis are mackerels, and they have different sizes. The biggest ones we nicknamed LoLo, the grandfather of all mackerels.

Photo taken here.

Ginataan is one of my favorite Filipino desserts, and it's a temperature-hot sweet dessert. I'm too lazy to make it. HaHa. Well, it would eat up a lot of my time doing it. It's easier to just go to a Filipino restaurant and order a small bowl or cup of it. Now you know why I have Type 2 Diabetes. I may not eat a lot of desserts common here, like ice cream, cake, pie, etc., but Filipino desserts are my Achilles (when I'm in the mood for it, that is). I say that I miss it because the restaurants here don't make it like how I want it. I'm too picky. :-)

Photo taken here.

Guyabano is Sour Sop in English. It reminds me of Atis, but it is totally different in its own unique way. I see a lot of canned sour sop juice drinks in the Asian stores here, but seldom in the fresh fruit section. I wouldn't try the frozen ones either. Just like Atis. The juice, however, is great for my favorite Four Seasons cocktail drink.

Watch out for H tomorrow!

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  1. That's nice of you to consider the neighbours and such in not cooking the fish. I have only cooked fish a couple times here and it does smell...and I usually bake mine. I hate it when Russell cooks lobster in the house. It stinks so bad (and also bothers my asthma and allergies, as I am allergic to shellfish).


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