Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A-Z Challenge: Letter E

Eeekkk!!! Well, that's not my letter E, but... Sorry I skipped yesterday's post. I'm catching up today.

Yesterday, was all about the letter E. My letter E is all about Eskabeche.

Photo taken here.

Eskabeche is a dish normally with a deep fried fish, oftentimes a big Lapu-Lapu fish (Grouper), dressed with sweet and sour sauce called eskabeche sauce. It has different veggies in the sauce to make it all tangy and flavorful. The crispy saltiness of the fish blends well with the sweet and soury taste of the sauce. I'm mouth-watering. I should cook now. HaHa. I just miss the part where I just eat without cooking it. Yeah, I'm too lazy. :-)

Watch out for F!


  1. Are you unable to get some of these food items in the Bay Area?

    1. It's a hassle. I have to get the fried fish from the store. Once at home, it's all soggy from being in a bag. It's not the same as freshly fried and crispy at home. I have an electric stove and it's not the same as my gas stove. Plus, we don't cook fish at home because it smells. Sigh.


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