Saturday, April 4, 2015

A-Z Challenge: Letter D

My letter D for this challenge: Dalandan and Dagat.

Photo taken here.

Dalandan is Sweet Orange or Sour Orange. The flesh is orange while the skin is green. The skin is thin enough that it is easy to peel off. I could compare this to those easy-to-peel tangerine fruits sold in boxes. Dalandan is addictive when you acquire a sweet box. Once you start eating one, you'll never stop. Honestly, I can't stop sniffing the peeled skin, too. HaHa.

Photo taken here.

Dagat is the Tagalog word for ocean or sea. In the Philippines, I grew up by the sea. We're surrounded by it. I grew up with its breeze and experienced its high tide all the time. When I was in college, I passed by Manila Bay via Roxas Boulevard every day. Lovely scenery. I would love to retire by the ocean and do long walks by the beach shore someday.

Do you like being by the beach, too?

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  1. Being born and raised on Cape Cod, I knew I could never be happy in a landlocked state. Even Puget Sound in WA was a poor substitute for the actual coast which was 4 hours away from my house up there. You've seen my plethora of beach pics now that I'm back on the Cape. That orange looks juicy and yummy.


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