Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014

Terrible. That's me when it comes to blogging. I've neglected it for a while. It's like having a writing rut. I didn't feel like typing, doing HTML commands, and attaching photos, etc. I'm only human. I get lazy once in a while. Since I have a four-day weekend, I'm definitely catching up.

Luckily, our Christmas was fabulous. Simple, but full of love and warmth. We started off with our Christmas tree hunt, and we got lucky to find a taller tree this year. We had to trim the base to avoid the top scraping against our living room ceiling. I love the smell of Douglas Fir pine trees, and we acquired one that smells so good. It's the smell of Christmas for me!

My hubby and I joined the annual San Jose Saxophone Christmas this year. My Sunburst (bari saxophone) made it just in time. It had to be repaired the week before Saxmas, and fortunately, the repair finished days before the event. I had to request for several adjustments on some of the parts and it worked well. I need to play my saxophone more. We were all blessed with no rain that day. It was terrific!

We made our annual pilgrimage to Scott Weaver's Winter Wonderland home in Rohnert Park. What an amazing work! Patience and craftsmanship merged together. The photos don't give it justice.

Another place we visited after dinner one evening was the Crippsmas Place in Fremont. It was a great walk around the neighborhood. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus were present there this year! Awesome!

We saw Christmas in the Park during Saxmas, but it was during the afternoon, so we went back to see the wonderful decorated Christmas trees and lights one evening. Of course, we also had our traditional Hot Chocolate, although I had Hot Coffee this year. My Diabetes will never win! HeHeHe. Oh, and by the way, the only Christmas tree photo I took at Christmas in the Park was the one from a very ironic group, too.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. It's the only festive holiday I grew up with. Well, in the Phillipines, that is. I mean, there's Flores de Mayo, which is all about flowers, processions and ball gowns, but it's not like Christmas. There's also New Year's Eve celebrations, but I honestly don't like the ear-breaking fireworks. So, nope, not my favorite. Christmas it is!

We spent Christmas day at my in-laws' house, and we got spoiled with my MIL's cooking. She prepared scrumptious lunch of beef logs and cheese, and a hearty dinner of roasted ham. Yummy! We exchanged gifts, too. What a fun day!

My favorite received gifts this 2014:

How about you, how was your Christmas? How's your New Year celebration? Were you naughty or nice? HeHeHe.


  1. I need those gel pens!!!!!!!!! Christmas was just 'ok' here....I felt a bit slighted b/c my hubby isn't a gift or card giver, which normally I understand when he's on the road but he was home quite a bit and didn't make any effort at all. So I was quite hurt and i finally broke down in tears the next day and told him how hurt I was, esp. since he also blew off my bday in Nov. So the next day we were in Plymouth so I could buy some new shoes w/ my christmas money and we stopped in JoAnn Fabrics and he bought me a bunch of craft supplies. I was getting ready to pay with my money but he took out his wallet and paid instead. New Years was quiet...I was in bed by 9:30.

    Next year when you go to Rohnert Park, you should stop by Quietwood Drive in Marinwood to see The Bear House. It's really cool too. That whole neighbourhood also goes all out.

    1. Oooh, I have to tell Shaggy about that bear house. Anyway, happy new year to you, your hubby, and the fur babies! I hope 2015 will bring you more happiness.


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