Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Planner Addiction

With the kind of technology we have nowadays, who would think of owning and using a day planner? Cellphones and tablets have all the hi-tech ability of gathering data, and they have a large memory to hold them in just a small unit. Day planners are bulky, just like actual hardbound books. They eat up tons of space in bags, and they are a burden on the shoulders.

Well, I don't think that way. Honestly, I wouldn't give up my day planner for a tablet or a cellphone when it comes to planning and journaling. Yes, I'm old school when it comes to that. Cellphones and tablets won't ever have the function of my very own handwriting. It's personalized by me and customized by me. Cellphones and tablets are all the same, font and all. Planners are all different. Very unique.

They won't ever have the wonderful variety of stickers and washi tapes that I use to express myself with. They can't have Hello Kitty glitter stickers posted on calendar pages electronically. They can't have an attached perfumed sticker in email messages. They can't interchange from one planner cover color to another.

Wait, planner cover to another? Yes, multiple planners. I have different moods. Who doesn't? You don't wear the same clothes everyday, do you? This is why my planner has different decorated pages. Sometimes, I transfer to a different planner as well. But, that's not really the point. Self-expression can be done through different ways, and this is my way.

I was recently asked by one of my friends, "How do you cope up with depression?" I was diagnosed with depression back in 2004-2005 and one of the things that helped me through it was my planners. I was occupied by it, expressing myself through it, planning positive things with it, and molding the path towards the light in it. It became addictive, and up to this day I'm hooked.

Who wouldn't be hooked with these?

I love cute and colorful stuff. Not only stickers and washi tapes, but most especially PENS!

I collect all kinds of pens: ballpoint, fountain, pencils, felt, markers, etc. I use them for color-coding my planner. And speaking of coding, I use my planner to practice my own invented writing code.

Well, I do write legibly, the normal American English way. Still, codes can't be used on cellphones and tablets, unless you mix all the standard letters and characters using all the possible symbols available, but that's not fun for me. The fun thing is what I created which I can only decipher. Signifiers are also fun.

This is an addiction that cures my depression. And, I'm so happy to find others who have the same addiction. How about you, what's yours?


  1. Well you & I have been friends quite awhile, both on the blogosphere and FB, so you know I'm just slightly addicted to crafts and photography. lol I love your planners and every time I see them I think to myself, 'I would love to do one but all the pages would be blank'. lol You clearly lead a MUCH busier life than I do. Mine would read, 'coffee, Facebook, waste time, wander around the house aimlessly, shower...' hahaha Mundane or what?

    1. Oh no, not mundane at all. You could do a craft planner where you list down your future crafty materials. For example: Day 1, make wreath, materials needed... Day 2, cross-stitch, color threads needed... Day 3, beady bottles, materials needed... and so on and so forth. You could also plan your future walks, what photos to take with explanations why you need to do them. You can craft your own planner to your needs. Another thing to add is about your lovely babies. Info about them, write down their differences, their good and bad habits. Ah, so many things! I could be busy like that. HeHe.

    2. All great ideas but I have a really hard time sticking to schedules these days. I keep all of that stuff in my head. On the other hand maybe if I wrote it down in list form I wouldn't have the massive anxiety issues that I have. lmao I do keep a small spiral notebook in my purse with a couple of lists of things I need at the store. And of course post it notes everywhere.....


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