Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Birthday 2014

It was a totally different celebration for me this year. I felt lazy, so I didn't do anything except write letters and goof around with my planner. It was relaxing. My hubby and I "planned" to do a lot of stuff, but imagining it made me all exhausted. HeHe. I wanted a quiet weekend and ended up doing nothing. Meaning, no trips to any tourist attraction place. That might sound boring, but it was great for me. I mean, I love my planner and snail mail time, seriously. Paper crafters would agree to this:

Of course, we did go out for brunch. I didn't want to cook for my birthday. Lazy, remember? We drove to Black Bear Diner (BBD) and ordered my favorite Joe's Hobo Omelette, added extra crispy bacon strips on the side, veggies, and avocado. The toast got donated to my hubby. HeHeHe. He's such a sweetie! He got himself a plate of bacon, eggs, and a big waffle. His order was complimentary since I printed out the birthday coupon emailed to me by BBD. I love BBD! Joe's Hobo Omellete was perfect for me.

I'm very happy that my Ketogenic Way of Eating (WOE) allows me to eat better choices of food. I'm so lucky that my husband supports me in my WOE. Last Friday marked the second month of my WOE, and my results motivate me to continue, for the rest of my life. Yes, it is my WOE forever.

After brunch at BBD, we had a wonderful siesta at home. I wrote more letters, finished reading my library books, and napped. The best way to celebrate a birthday! HaHaHa. When I woke up, my stomach grumbled. Yes, I felt hungry again, but it was dinner time. So, my hubby drove me to one of my favorite steak house places, Spencer's Steaks and Chops inside Doubletree San Jose. Their James Bond Martini was my favorite cocktail. I had it shaken with Grey Goose and Green Olives. Perfect!

I have always loved their food, the quiet ambiance, and good service. It's not as rowdy and expensive as Alexander's. I love the simplicity. My hubby and I shared the Fried Calamari and Prawn Cocktail for appetizers. We both ordered their Kansas City Strip Loin. Their 1600 Degree Steaks were cooked perfectly. No steak sauce needed! We ordered Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions, and Mac-N-Cheese. Obviously, he got the Mac-N-Cheese for himself. HeHeHe. Very scrumptious dinner!

I had to treat myself with a little bit of Keto Cheat for my birthday. So, I had a spoonful of the Chocolate Praline Cake with Whipped Cream and Fresh Strawberries. My blood glucose reading didn't spike high. Yay!

My hubby gave me wonderful presents, too. He spoils me. I wish it's easy to find out what he wants for his birthday as well. It's difficult. I'm too easy. HaHaHa.

My birthday was simply awesome. The weekend isn't over yet.

How is your weekend going?

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  1. I got my early bday gift too from my hubster....the new bed I've been begging for, for months. lol It gets delivered tomorrow. Gee last year he got a generator, this year a bed. I clearly have champagne taste. hahaha Rest of the weekend was quiet. I went to a craft show today as a customer, now watching the Seahawks. That omelette looks AMAZING. I never order bacon when I am out b/c I hate it when it's not cooked to death and the fat is all chewy. Blech. I buy turkey bacon for the house and cook it till it crumbles. Glad you had a great birthday!!!


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