Friday, October 17, 2014

Snail Mail System

When it comes to my snail mail replies, I have been asked several times what my system is. Meaning, with all the multiple letters I get, how do I know who to reply to first? I don't get my letters everyday. Randomly, I choose a day in a week to pick-up the contents of my PO Box. Piles of colorful envelopes greet me all the time. It's always a wonder which one arrived first. So, that's why I decided to set-up a system that works for me.

I ordered a customized self-inking rubber stamp online. And it looks like this:

The Rec Date means "Received Date." That's the date when I picked it up from my PO Box. Of course, there's always multiple letters in one Rec Date. That's when the second date comes in handy.

The Let Date means "Letter's Date." Sometimes, the postmark of the sender's PO is visible, like this one:

But there are times when it is not visible for me, like this one:

That's when I visit the actual letter inside and get the letter's date when it was written, like this one:

Unfortunately, there are penpalers who don't write any date at all. And, there are multiples of same letter's dates as well. My final step in figuring out who gets a reply first ends up with using the alphabetical system. I'll just use their last name's initials to finish organizing my letters. It's really easy when I got used to doing it.

I'm too OCD, but at least it totally works. Unfortunately, when I get into a writing rut, everything gets delayed. HaHaHa.

So, how's your Friday night?

P.S. The Rep Date means "Replied Date." It's to remind myself that I already sent out a reply. I'm too forgetful.


  1. Well I'm glad you admitted you are OCD because I was gonna tease you about it. lol Don't feel bad, I am OCD too. Do you save all the letters you receive? When I had penpals, I saved them but the it just got to be too much stuff and I tossed them out during moves.

    1. I save the letters, not the envelopes. I actually put a hole lunch on the letters and put ring binders on them to file. One 2 inch ring for each penpal. Then I file everything alphabetically. Like I said, I'm too OCD. HaHa. I could be a librarian. HeHe.

    2. Oops punch not lunch. HaHa. The only thing I can't be OCD about is this darn auto-correct.


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