Thursday, October 23, 2014

Keto Snack - Cheese Crisps

Several of my friends who are not on Instagram requested that I share some of the recipes that I have tried for the Keto Diet (Ketogenic or LCHF diet). This is one of my favorites, Cheese Crisps. I like crunchy snacks. I used to eat a lot of Potato Chips, Crunchy Tortilla Chips, and Cheetos. All bad carbs! So, when I came across this very simple-to-DIY snack, I've been making it all the time.

I first tried Cheddar Cheese, but it's too oily afterwards. Not that I'm against the oily part, since Keto is all about good oil. But, when I discovered Shredded Parmesan for Cheese Crisps, it's the perfect ingredient!

I take a small plate-size of Parchment paper.

Grab a finger-full of Parmesan Cheese.

Place the cheese on the Parchment paper and spread it into a circle.

Microwave it for a minute. Voila!

I eat two in one sitting. Two hours after breakfast, and two hours after lunch. At least, it's not bad carbs. It takes away the cravings. You have to remember that I don't eat it everyday. I mix up my snacks. Sometimes almonds, or pork rinds. It's great!

Keep on keto-ing!


  1. OMG CHEESE IS DA BOMB!!!!! I bet these are heavenly! I should try it. I love crunchy cheese too. I have a bunch of Dublin cheese which has a parm consistency, I wonder how that would be if I grated it.

    1. You'll never know unless you try it. Go for it, girl!


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