Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

It's that time of year when I get to be a kid again. Well, I try. So, I became Lalaa (that's the spelling on the costume bag), a teletubby. According to Wiki, the correct spelling of the name is Laa-Laa. She's the third teletubby, a sunflower yellow color, and a girly-girl good singer. Teehee! It was a fun costume!

My office always conducts a Halloween Costume Contest. I am not a hardcore participant. I only join it just to have fun for the day. Of course, it's always great to mingle with other departments and co-workers. We get paid to walk around, parade our costumes, and chit-chat. Who wouldn't like that?

Here are some of my co-workers I encountered earlier:

1st Prize = Princess Leia and Charlie Chip-R2D2
2nd Prize = Starcraft Cyborg
3rd Prize = Queen of Hearts

It was a fun rainy day!

How about you, what did you dress-up with? How's your Halloween trick-or-treaters? So far, we had around 72 kids who asked for a treat (including one infant). It's a low count, maybe because of the rain. Well, we got tons of leftover candies. Hmm, not a bad thing, huh? BUT, I don't eat candy! Sheesh!

Still, be safe!

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  1. I haven't dressed up in years....since an office party in 2000...I went as a hippie b/c it was the only thing I could put together of my own stuff! We had about 4 kids. Very quiet night.


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