Sunday, September 21, 2014

LCHF Diet for T2D

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First, let me tell you about this cheap gasoline station located several blocks away from my house. We all know that gas prices differ every day. This cheap gas station, however, is always ten, sometimes, twenty cents cheaper. Who wouldn't want to save twenty cents per gallon, right? Plus, it's very convenient to pass it by after work, before arriving at the house. I always try to be frugal and practical. I'm not a rich kid. So, for several months, I did that routine whenever I need gas for my car.

The health condition of my car became weird. I never suspected that it's because of the cheap gas. However, the shop mechanic told me that the cheap gas contributed to its condition. It's like feeding junk food to my car. It made my car sick. After expensive repairs, my car is now back in shape. I avoided that cheap gas station like a plague. I go to either Shell or Chevron. My car is now happy and healthy.

Consider our bodies like cars in need of good gasoline. Our food is our fuel. We feed ourselves in order to function, every day. However, there's also that cheap fuel for our system that makes us sick. We actually ignore it because we are used to the cheap fuel we ingest. Our parents showed and taught us about that particular fuel we got comfortable with. We never broke the family routine. In my case, all my years I've eaten rice as a part of every meal. I'm not saying it is a cheap fuel that makes me sick. The only thing that's bad about it is my belief of if I don't eat it, I don't know what else to eat. That is, because I grew up with it and got used to it.

Of course, my body is not like the same as it was twenty years ago. Just like my car, it's not like as it was when I first bought it. For years, I fed my car cheap fuel. For years, I've eaten rice. My car got sick. My family history of Diabetes came out in me. I had to change my car's fuel and repair its damage. I had to change the food I eat to maintain my health and eliminate Diabetes. This is where I start LCHF.

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What is LCHF? It means Low Carb High Fat. I eliminated the fuel I grew up with (carbohydrates or starchy food). For now. Unlike the car, I don't want to use that cheap gas anymore, but for my body, carbohydrates aren't really that bad as long as it's not taken more than the allotted grams per day. That depends on goals. My goal is to eliminate my T2D, that's why totally no carbs for me, for now. For a week, I have been doing LCHF. I won't complain about it. I've learned that I can live without the starchy food I'm used to. Who wouldn't be happy with bacon all the time? And, instead of potato chips or nachos, pork rinds or chicharones are my snacks.

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No carbs at all, no artificial sweeteners, and as much as possible, no sugar. It's a journey I recently started for more than two weeks ago. I already feel good about it. I have more energy. I feel lighter. I doubled up my cardio routine to one hour every day. I do take a day of rest, but I try to add up the one hour I missed into the other days. It's a matter of organizing my schedule and managing my time. Not only my cardio, but my reading and writing as well. It's great!

Grilled Sausages, Red Cabbage, Pickles, and Cherry Tomatoes

For this weekend's activities, we went to an Oktoberfest themed party yesterday at one of our band friends' house, and I felt great being able to know how to treat food like I did. Lots of meats and veggies. I love hotdogs/sausages! No starch! Bottled water instead of soda and alcohol. (I know, no beer. I'm not really much of a beer drinker anyways.) I'm allowed to drink red wine and dry white wine, though. I had a great time! It was nice to see some of our wonderful band friends, and we also met several new ones.

Earlier today, We went to Lake Elizabeth for the first part of my cardio. (The second part is at home doing my one hour elliptical. I took a rest yesterday.) At the park, there's a lot of sign saying, "Don't feed the birds." Still, a lot of people threw chunks of bread into the lake. Why is bread bad? People think it's bird food. Of course, it is in fact food, but for the birds, it expands in their system and they get sick. Don't you realize that when you eat carbs, it does the same thing. Don't feed the birds. No carbs. That's what I do for my body nowadays. I love it! Besides, the birds are supposed to hunt for their food. Don't make them be lazy by spoon-feeding them! Unless you are feeding them bugs and green grass, anything else is not okay. I know, I know. Enough ranting. LOL.

We went grocery shopping afterwards. I revamped my list and bought lots of fatty stuff: lots of bacon, pure butter, pure cream cheese, full cream for coffee, whole milk, chicharrones, and veggies. No starch! Tonight, I'm pan-searing London Broil steaks with butter and rubbed with some of my favorite spices. I'll saute the veggies in butter, too. Yum!

So, how's your weekend so far?


  1. I have tried to go this route more with our diet, esp. his, but he loves his peanuts. lol The thing w/ diets and changing eating habits, is that I can do it for a little while but eventually I get really bored w/ it and I want what I want.

    1. Peanuts is not bad for LCHF. I'm allowed to eat them, especially almonds. However, I do measure them. Anything that fits the small bowl of my hand is fine for a snack. I do time my snacks like every two hours. Sometimes, three. I don't feel hungry at all. I actually love this diet.


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