Saturday, August 2, 2014


My hubby and I were off last Monday (it was his birthday), and we happily joined some of our band friends in mini-golfing at Golfland USA. We did an evening outdoor game, and the cost was cheap on Monday nights. Unfortunately, it was not glow-in-the-dark. Still, we had a memorable fun event.

First, we had to get our tickets, golf balls, and putters. We divided ourselves into three big groups and started playing. We were all goofy! Some players hit the balls while standing on a planter box. Some players climbed structures for discovering spiders. (They want to save them from getting hit, I think.) Some players sent the balls in water, or tried getting the balls out of the water, but they slipped and got wet instead. Some of the balls landed outside Golfland where poison ivy was present. Bye, bye, golf ball!

At the end, I got 64 hits while my husband got 55. Oh well. I'm not a golfer, especially at night. My eyes are bad, and my trifocals aren't helpful. Still, I did three hole-in-ones. You can't say that's just luck. Three times! I need practice.

Who said I can't be a kid at my age? Next time, we should all try the glow-in-the-dark version. I don't need trifocals for that. HarHarHar!

Have you played mini-golf?


  1. Correction: I just realized that it was not a planter box. It was a small keg used as a decor on the mini-golf course.

  2. Mini golf was a staple activity growing up here. There has been one in my hometown since at least the mid 60s and we used to go there all the time, then walk across the street to get ice cream. There are lots of mini golf courses on Cape Cod now. In Washington State, they call it 'putt putt'. I played a course in Puyallup once (well 2 courses on one property).

    1. Wow. I wish I could visit Cape Cod someday.


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