Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Los Gatos Fiesta De Artes

The hot weather dissuaded us from staying inside the house. Luckily, there was Fiesta De Artes in the city of Los Gatos. The Houserockers had a gig, and Shaggy played his bari sax with them. I brought Didin with us, and he sat down with me to watch the band perform. (Didin, my son's nickname from when he was little, is temporary living with us for a short vacation. He lives in the Central time zone, so the weather here in California is way too hot for him.) Being outdoors cured the heat. We experienced a nice cool breeze while enjoying the rock and soul songs of the band.

There are so many festivals in the Bay Area during summer. Have you been to at least one? If you are a Bay Area native, you should! I'm actually enjoying going to them through my hubby's band gigs. It's nice to get out, meet people, and get pollen allergies. HaHaHa! Loratadine to the rescue! No, seriously, it's fun to attend different town festivals. Local arts and crafts are great gifts. Don't shop at the corporate stores. Shop local and handmade!

I didn't walk around to shop, but my son did. I love to people-watch. Here are the photos I took from the fiesta:

How did you weekend go?


  1. I went to the Haight Street Fair a couple of times, and the Fairfax Festival every year. There was a street chalk festival in San Rafael once. And a couple of pow wows, one in Oakland and a couple up in Santa Rosa. Overall I just cannot deal with crowds.

    1. I'm fine with crowds as long as I'm on the side and watching. I don't like being in the middle of it, though. It makes me claustrophobic.


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