Saturday, August 16, 2014

Concert at the Brisbane Park

I'm addicted to live band music. In fact, any live band who performs, I'd watch. Of course, it depends on what song genre, too, but the main reason for me is my fascination towards all the musical instrument players. Creating and playing music is one of my frustrations. I did play (still trying to play) a musical instrument during my elementary and highschool years, and presently learning how to play the saxophone (that embouchure hurts so good! LOL). Unfortunately, I don't see myself doing it as a side job. For me, playing an instrument is a hobby I'd do when I need an escape from reality. *pouts* Sad, I know, but I don't like to perform. I prefer to watch more.

I'm more of a voyeur, that's why I could proudly say that I'm a groupie of my husband's saxophone-playing-skills. It doesn't mean I won't ever play, though. I'd still play a musical instrument, leisurely. I prefer capturing what I see than me being what's captured. That's where my love for photography enters. I love to take candid shots of every living thing I see, not looking at my camera. I miss my photography class days, especially our exhibit assignments. That's why I consider going to band gigs as a photography assignment. I get to take candid shots of a lot of people, pets, and all kinds of stuff. I don't consider myself as a pro. I'm not. I'm still a rookie who needs a lot of lessons about photography, tips on how to use my Nikon D5100, and lots of practice combining the two.

While I do my little practice on photography, I get to enjoy listening and watching live band music, and being with lovely friends. Here are photos that proved we had a fun Friday evening:

The crowd was unbelievably energetic. They made a conga line which made everybody go bonkers. Well, not in a bad way, but in a good dancing way. Full of pizzazz! Now, that should be present in every concert.

How about you, how was your Friday? Make it a point to rock!


  1. I don't like shooting people at all, unless they are performers or in costumes or something. I prefer shooting scenics and architecture.

    1. I like to take different facial expressions. I don't know why. I do like to take scene shots, too. I haven't tried much on architecture, maybe because I haven't encountered a lot of them, but that doesn't mean I can't experiment. I'd love to try each and every little thing when photography is concerned. It's fun.


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