Thursday, August 21, 2014

Facebook Messenger App Privacy "Issue"

A lot of Facebook users cried foul over the enforcement of the Facebook Messenger App (FBMA). According to Facebook, the only way to send messages to your friends now is to download the FBMA. Everybody who encountered this new rule complained and ranted. In fact, a lot of my co-workers talked about it in the office. I got sucked in.

I, myself, hopped on the bandwagon and uninstalled my Facebook Messenger App, because I thought it was ridiculous. However, after doing so, I researched why on earth I had to do it in the first place. (I know, I know. I should have researched first before uninstalling it.) Funny, I discovered something that made me install back the Facebook Messenger App. I took screen shots of my Samsung Galaxy S4 to have a clearer explanation.

I uninstalled Facebook and reinstalled it to capture its privacy wordings. Here's what it stated:

Afterwards, I installed back the FBMA so I could capture its sensational privacy wordings, which everybody hated. Here's the FBMA one:

Basically, all of us who complained and ranted against the FBMA's intrusive privacy wasted time and effort, because Facebook itself has the exact privacy wordings, if not more. We are all using Facebook. So, why are you complaining against the messenger when you have been under the same privacy for years?

I installed FBMA back. I have nothing to hide: no money in my bank to steal, no nude photos, no secrets, and no conspiracies brewing in my backyard. I don't want to be paranoid like others.

I need to stop hopping on those bandwagons. How about you?

Haiku # 19

Haiku # 18

E ho Ľomaha me ka maluhia to a dear friend, Valerie Nohea Kakaio Supan.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Haiku # 17

Surprisingly, I would oppose a little to what I have written on the photo. There are people who deserve to be missed. The toxic ones. I express silent emotions toward them, and it is peaceful that way. For the others who matter, it's all out loud. I'm sure you get my point.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Family Fun

It has been a great three-day weekend for me. I maximized time spent with my baby boy, Didin (he's not a baby anymore, but he's still my baby) and my entire heart-family.

My son and I watched a couple of movies (Guardians of the Galaxy and Lucy), and my dear husband and stepkids joined us for one (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). We celebrated my son's birthday and he finally met his stepgrandparents (Lolo D and Lola B) as well as his step-auntie (Tita L). How fun!

The funnest part of the weekend was our Sky High trip. "Jump around, Jump around, Jump up, Jump up, and get down!"

I loved seeing all the kids bonding together. One big happy fam-bam!

How about you, how's your weekend?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Concert at the Brisbane Park

I'm addicted to live band music. In fact, any live band who performs, I'd watch. Of course, it depends on what song genre, too, but the main reason for me is my fascination towards all the musical instrument players. Creating and playing music is one of my frustrations. I did play (still trying to play) a musical instrument during my elementary and highschool years, and presently learning how to play the saxophone (that embouchure hurts so good! LOL). Unfortunately, I don't see myself doing it as a side job. For me, playing an instrument is a hobby I'd do when I need an escape from reality. *pouts* Sad, I know, but I don't like to perform. I prefer to watch more.

I'm more of a voyeur, that's why I could proudly say that I'm a groupie of my husband's saxophone-playing-skills. It doesn't mean I won't ever play, though. I'd still play a musical instrument, leisurely. I prefer capturing what I see than me being what's captured. That's where my love for photography enters. I love to take candid shots of every living thing I see, not looking at my camera. I miss my photography class days, especially our exhibit assignments. That's why I consider going to band gigs as a photography assignment. I get to take candid shots of a lot of people, pets, and all kinds of stuff. I don't consider myself as a pro. I'm not. I'm still a rookie who needs a lot of lessons about photography, tips on how to use my Nikon D5100, and lots of practice combining the two.

While I do my little practice on photography, I get to enjoy listening and watching live band music, and being with lovely friends. Here are photos that proved we had a fun Friday evening:

The crowd was unbelievably energetic. They made a conga line which made everybody go bonkers. Well, not in a bad way, but in a good dancing way. Full of pizzazz! Now, that should be present in every concert.

How about you, how was your Friday? Make it a point to rock!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Los Gatos Fiesta De Artes

The hot weather dissuaded us from staying inside the house. Luckily, there was Fiesta De Artes in the city of Los Gatos. The Houserockers had a gig, and Shaggy played his bari sax with them. I brought Didin with us, and he sat down with me to watch the band perform. (Didin, my son's nickname from when he was little, is temporary living with us for a short vacation. He lives in the Central time zone, so the weather here in California is way too hot for him.) Being outdoors cured the heat. We experienced a nice cool breeze while enjoying the rock and soul songs of the band.

There are so many festivals in the Bay Area during summer. Have you been to at least one? If you are a Bay Area native, you should! I'm actually enjoying going to them through my hubby's band gigs. It's nice to get out, meet people, and get pollen allergies. HaHaHa! Loratadine to the rescue! No, seriously, it's fun to attend different town festivals. Local arts and crafts are great gifts. Don't shop at the corporate stores. Shop local and handmade!

I didn't walk around to shop, but my son did. I love to people-watch. Here are the photos I took from the fiesta:

How did you weekend go?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

2nd Wedding Anniversary, Vegas Style!

My hubby and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary in Las Vegas. Boy oh boy, it was one hot weather in Sin City. 99 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you close your eyes, you'd hear yourself sizzling. Ssszzzttt! (I'm exaggerating!) My hubby and I were just a very hot couple. It affected the weather. HeHeHe!

We stayed at the very nice Mandalay Bay Hotel. (Huge hotel, I felt I'd get lost.) I called it "very nice" because the A/C inside our room worked well (unlike the Tropicana's where we stayed in last February 2013). Anyways, there was one bad thing, and that's their lack of free brewed coffee inside the room. Nothing's free inside Mandalay Bay? Well, the beach chairs were free to use, if you have a room key. Just be afraid to fart, they might charge you. *sticks tongue out* (By now you should know that I'm a very funny gal.)

Don't get me wrong. I loved every moment of our stay inside the hotel, especially because of their wonderful pool area. They have a wave pool, complete with beach sand under your beach chair. They also have a lazy river (no swimming allowed, only tubes), the regular pool (3.5 to 4.5 ft all throughout), hot tub, and the toptional pool area (dangling melons!). I loved the peaceful regular pool area with the hot tub. Nobody seemed to frolic around it. Quiet was the name of the game! The screaming kids were all in the wave pool. I stayed away from it. HarHarHar! I never went to the toptional pool area, by the way. I was afraid I wouldn't want to leave it because of too many eyecandies. LOL

Aside from a scrumptious dinner at Stripsteak (Thanks for the anniversary greeting on our dessert plate!), we bought tickets to watch Tournament of Kings (TOK) inside the Excalibur hotel. We rode the tram from Mandalay Bay to Excalibur. I thought it was an awesome idea for the hotels to have a transportation like it. Very convenient for their customers!

Photos from Yelp

I thought TOK came out of a historical romance book. Seriously! Long-haired knights in armor, jousting, stallions, heavy swords (they looked heavy to me), Kings, Prince, and Merlin! Dancing maidens, a jester, and evil lords with a fire breathing dragon! (Hmm, I thought they said dragon...) It was one helluva treat! If you are in Vegas, you should see this show. It's a must! Be prepared to eat your whole fried cornish game hen, potatoes, and broccoli by hand. Yup, you read that correctly. By hand! Don't worry, technology intervened and they served dinner with a packet of wet wipes. *wicked evil grin* Or, you can always bring your own, if one piece won't be enough.

We also bought tickets to see Eddie Griffin inside the King's Room at Rio hotel. I love Eddie! I've seen him before, and I'll never get tired watching him on stage. It was great meeting him again after the show. Too bad because no photos were allowed by Rio. Boo!

Overall, our vacation was excellent. Why can't it last longer? A week seemed too short. Sigh.

So, how have you been this past week?

Saturday, August 2, 2014


My hubby and I were off last Monday (it was his birthday), and we happily joined some of our band friends in mini-golfing at Golfland USA. We did an evening outdoor game, and the cost was cheap on Monday nights. Unfortunately, it was not glow-in-the-dark. Still, we had a memorable fun event.

First, we had to get our tickets, golf balls, and putters. We divided ourselves into three big groups and started playing. We were all goofy! Some players hit the balls while standing on a planter box. Some players climbed structures for discovering spiders. (They want to save them from getting hit, I think.) Some players sent the balls in water, or tried getting the balls out of the water, but they slipped and got wet instead. Some of the balls landed outside Golfland where poison ivy was present. Bye, bye, golf ball!

At the end, I got 64 hits while my husband got 55. Oh well. I'm not a golfer, especially at night. My eyes are bad, and my trifocals aren't helpful. Still, I did three hole-in-ones. You can't say that's just luck. Three times! I need practice.

Who said I can't be a kid at my age? Next time, we should all try the glow-in-the-dark version. I don't need trifocals for that. HarHarHar!

Have you played mini-golf?