Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Mel Burger Experience

One of our band friends, Simon, shared his Mel Burger experience with us a few months ago. Of course, we were all curious about it after he told us his story. Fortunately, the Mel Burger party became one of Shaggy's gigs with the Houserockers, and we finally experienced Mel Burger in all its glory.

One pound of juicy, great-tasting beef hamburger. Oh, so good! Thanks to Simon for the added crispy bacon. We were all in heaven, munching our scrumptious meal while watching others get theirs by the grill at the front yard. All meat goodness! The food coma hit us right after. Boy oh boy, we had to fight it. Me and the Shaglings jumped in the wonderful pool. With a 90°F weather, the pool became the solution to the heat.

It was an awesome party! Not to mention that the Houserockers rocked the whole place, too. Thanks, Paul! Thanks to the whole band for a fun day! I danced in the pool. HeHeHe.

Several hours later, I'm still full from that one pound burger. Thanks to Sue and Mel! What a wonderful party host/hostess! If I'm coming back to this party, I should just get the Sissy Mel Burger version. Yup, that's what they call the baby size. I think it's only half a pound. It's heavy! Maybe, I shouldn't eat the bun next time. Believe it or not, Shaggy had two patties! I'm serious! You don't believe me? Here's proof.

Burp! Oops. Excuse me. How's your Saturday?


  1. My Russell would have scarfed down 2 patties too. My mouth started watering when I saw your picture. It looks delish! But when you said Mel Burger I was thinking of the Mel's Drive In restaurant. Never been there but it was popular in San Rafael. And there used to be a rather large one on Lombard Street in SF on the way to the GG Bridge.

    1. I'm not sure if Mel's Diner is the same with the Mel Burger we experienced. It's just probably a coincidence with their names.


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