Tuesday, July 8, 2014

California's Great America 2014

Last Saturday, we ventured inside California's Great America Amusement Park. Business looked good because there were hundreds, or probably thousands, of people inside the park.

The Shaglings loved the rides. I used to enjoy roller coasters, but ever since I got my trifocals, vertigo kept creeping in. I did enjoy taking photos while walking around accompanied by bright Mr. Sunshine.

We have The Houserockers to thank for this wonderful day. They had a gig scheduled and Shaggy played his bari saxophone with them. We not only enjoyed the beautiful park, but we also rocked out to great live music. People who walked by also stopped for a few shakes and grinds. Everybody had a great time dancing.

After a wonderful three-hour rock and soul music, we walked towards the Redwood Ampitheater to witness the wonderful fireworks show organized by Great America. I've seen fireworks from TV and from afar, but this was my first big fireworks near me. Video galore!

It was another fun day!

Did you watch fireworks this past weekend?


  1. Is that park in Vallejo? If so, it was called Marine World Africa USA in the 90s when I went. It didn't have rides in those days. I don't leave the house when there are fireworks. My dogs, esp. Sagan, get way too upset. Onset had their big show on Sat. night since the 4th was stormy. It was super loud at my house and I live about 3 miles from there.

    1. It's at Santa Clara, CA near the new Levi's Stadium.

  2. Hey Sonnia,

    Wow, you really did have a fun time. All the fun of the fair. What great photos. Rock and soul was such a nice added extra. Lovely stuff, my good friend.

    No fireworks in England. Unless, I talk about my noisy neighbours! :)



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