Monday, July 14, 2014

CA Extreme 2014

One of my most awaited events of the year was the California Extreme, a Classic Arcade Games Show. For two days, my husband and I volunteered at the registration table to help our organizer friends with the show. I loved it! We got an upgraded computerized registration system, and the process went along quicker compared to doing it with paper registration like the previous years. Customer service galore! Of course, we still need to do wristbands, badges, and cash/check payments. We enjoyed helping gamers out, though, the old school kind of way. It was one big geek convention, and every gamer focused on having high game scores. Yeah!

All the machines were set to free play. That meant playing the games for one price all day! That included all kinds of old school video games and pinball machines. My personal favorites were the shooting games. There was just something in having a plastic gun in my hand and shoot criminals, zombies, and deadly monsters. HeHe. My number one pick was House of the Dead. Shoot zombies! Unfortunately, it was too popular. I didn't get to play it. Too many people in line! Fortunately, Police 911 became free, and off I went shooting criminals everywhere. Woohoo!

Hundreds of people (maybe thousands, not sure) attended the event. It was difficult to find an unoccupied machine. Everything was filled up with a line! That's a good thing! My hubby and I found Gimme a Break, a video billiards game. I liked it a lot! Of course, I beat Shaggy! Teehee!

The pinball makers, manufacturers, and accessories vendors had a chance to sell their products. If you want your own pinball machines or video games, you should contact someone through their website. I shared the link in the first paragraph.

After playing several machines, my eyes gave up. I had to walk around and take my eyes away from the screens. I went to the hotel's atrium court, started reading a book (I should have rested my eyes!) and answered letters. I wanted to be productive even though I was resting. Plus, I started playing with my camera's manual settings.

Then I saw a gremlin. Yes, a gremlin. I had to follow it! I left the hotel's atrium court and searched for the gremlin. I found it inside the dark convention room.

See, I wasn't kidding. So cute! HeeHee!

I walked around inside the convention to earn more steps for my Fitbit and searched for my husband. I found him focused on his games. I walked around again and found him on a different machine. I did my walk around several times both days. I earned steps, but didn't reach my goal. Boo! Well, no walking happened when playing a machine. HaHaHa!

Two days of video games and pinball machines weren't enough. However, I should wear my eyeglasses next time, because my contact lens kept on drying out when I focused on the screens. HaHaHa! Thank goodness for eye drops! It was a tiring weekend, but I had a great time. I accomplished answering lots of letters, too, during my breaks. I so wish there will be a 19th CA Extreme in 2015. Please, please, please!

How about you, how was your weekend?


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!! I was only ever into pinball and air hockey. Did they have air hockey?

    1. I didn't see air hockey, but they had tons of arcade games. I saw a Foosball, Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, and all kinds of race car machines.


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