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Why Can't People Smell Themselves?

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Before you continue reading, I would like to point out that I have nothing against people who have a different lifestyle than me, especially when it comes to hygiene or grooming themselves. I have a lot of friends who don't shave, or who don't use store-bought perfumes/shampoos/soaps, etc. But, they know how to mingle themselves with everybody else without being a nuisance. What I'm about to write is a big question for me. Perhaps, if you express your thoughts, I would have a clear picture why it goes on.

With hot weather, sweat appears. When sweat appears, odor appears. Some would say not everybody has an odor. I don't agree. Let's face it. Everybody's different. There will always be odor whether you like it or not. Good odors, bad odors, they are odors. People have bad odor after sweating unless there's some routine on how they control it from emanating in the air we all breathe in, then that's good odor. It's all about habit.

I do understand that some of us don't want to use deodorant or cologne. But, what I don't understand is, "Why can't they smell themselves?" When I pass by someone with bad body odor, It's like having something invisible punch me in the face. Yet, the person who has it doesn't even know. Clueless! I stop from walking, and try to exhale it all out. Sometimes I run away. Seriously, there's no antidote once I inhale it in. My head spins, and I feel like I'm going to puke. Bleckh. Sorry, I can't help it. My nose is sensitive. I'm not trying to condemn anyone here. I'm trying to figure out a solution. I don't want to change them from being who they are. I just want to add something in their fabulous character. Yes, you read that correctly. Add something, to be more fabulous.

I read from Reddit that people adapt to their environment. Perhaps, their parents had the same hygiene as what they practice now as an adult. It's what they were taught to do, that is, do nothing about it. They couldn't smell themselves as a result. They got used to it. Don't blame your parents. Just move on, but do something about it.

If one doesn't want to practice our so-called new world, hi-tech hygiene (i.e. using shampoo/conditioner/soap/lotion, using perfumes/cologne, using deodorant), maybe because they're allergic, there are ways to do it without losing the people around you. (Yes, you'll lose people around you if you reek.)

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Here are my thoughts on that:

* If you are oppose to having store-bought perfumes or colognes, there are ways of making your own. We have the internet! Tons of sites with free steps to follow. But please, don't overdo the application. It kills someone when it's too much. Besides, if you are already one mile away, you leave a trail of people lying on the ground. They fainted. Here's a wiki on how to make your own natural perfume.

* If you don't use shampoo/conditioner/soap when you take a shower/bath, there are also ways of making your own as natural as possible. Again, the search bar on your internet browser will give you wonders. For free! Just be aware that birds might perch on your head, and bees might think to exchange pollen with your hair. Here's a wiki on how to wash your hair with natural ingredients.

* If you sweat a lot, try to carry a wash cloth. I'm sure you are able to excuse yourself from any activity, go to the restroom, wet the cloth, and wash your armpits with it. See, bad odor appears from sweaty areas of our bodies. Bacteria appears with it, too. Washing or wiping the sweaty area would avoid the odor from sticking on you. Here are wiki steps on how to smell yourself.

* Bring change of undergarments/clothing with you all the time. Sweat gets absorbed by your clothing and bacteria clings to it.

* I don't want to say change your diet, but I want you to know that what you eat affects the way your body smells. Perhaps, you could research the type of food that won't give you body odor. They're all over the internet.

I don't care about your gender or orientation. I don't care about your religion. I don't care whether you shave or not, whether you have piercings or tattoos. I don't care about physical appearances. Those things don't affect me as a person. Smell does. Smell invades my system. It enters my system without approval. It hurts. It's uncomfortable. It makes me restless, and makes me want to run away. I don't invade your system, so please don't invade mine, and others.

Is that difficult to comprehend? I hope you don't find me being mean, and I didn't write this to offend anybody. I'm just ranting. I feel better now.

Hope you are all having a nice evening.

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  1. Great tips. I don't understand why people don't bathe more often. But on the other side of this issue, I get a raging headache when I smell perfume. My bosses had to make our office scent-free b/c this one woman bathed in perfume and I was sick every day. The snooty women that took the bus to and from Marin County stank up the bus with their perfumes too. I would ask them to sit somewhere else and not next to me (which never went over well).


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