Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday

It was Cinco De Mayo in 2009 (I think. My memory is bad.) when I went to Improv San Jose and watched Eddie Griffin on stage. He was hilarious, and what a show! Worth the money indeed.

The great thing about that night was when he went out to the lobby to socialize with the crowd of people. I asked a friend from my Meetup group to take our photo when I finally met Eddie. I wish he'd have another show here in the Bay Area soon. I did find out that he'll be in Vegas in August this year. I got excited because I'll be there, and I thought I'd see him. Wow. Tickets aren't priced like back then. LOL Well, that's Vegas. I'd probably wait until he gets back here in the Bay Area. *grins*


  1. That's so cool!!!!!!! I love meeting famous peeps.

    1. I wish I owned a camera way back when I was in the Philippines. I mean, I did, but it was not good. I met David Copperfield, the magician, in person then. I'm not really a crazy fan of celebrities, but sometimes I step out of my bubble. hahaha


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