Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Heat of Summer ... err ... Spring?

Tell me, have you experienced a drop of sweat yet? It's that wetness you feel on your forehead, at the back of your neck, your waist, armpits, and sometimes on your hands and feet. I'm sure you experience it often when you workout, but what I'm talking about is when you're not doing anything. It appears because the weather says so. It's just too hot. The heat of summer lingers in the air, and it's only spring time. Well, soon it will be officially summer. The countdown begins: eighteen days to go!

What do you normally do during hot days? How do you cool yourself down? Here in the Bay Area, there's a lot of stuff to do, and there's a lot of body of water to visit. We are basically near lakes, oceans, rivers, and creeks. You could easily find a shore somewhere within an hour drive, more or less. Expect to include a big crowd with it, if the weather really calls for it.

Last Memorial Day weekend, my hubby and I joined his friends for a three-day-weekend camping at Stumpy Meadows Reservoir. Our last camping happened in 2011, so we missed it a lot. Meeting new and old friends, pitching up tents, being unplugged from the internet and no cellphone reception, no TV, no electricity, being around a bonfire, cooking with a propane stove, and all the giant mosquitoes biting us randomly. In every story, there's a villain. LOL. Don't think there's no hero. I brought bottles of eco-friendly bug sprays!

Early Sunday morning, we slept in as much as we can to enjoy the coolness in the air for it was hot the previous day. By the time the sun was out and fierce, we were up and about preparing our brunch. We took advantage of our beef log and cheese with our favorite Wheat Thins and Triscuits. If you're camping, you have to experience camping food. For dinner, we opened a can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew and warmed it up on the propane stove. Meat and potatoes at its finest.

For two mornings, we boiled water for our French press coffee and Hot and Spicy Noodle Soup. That surely woke me up with a bang! Yummy coffee with a kick of noodle soup for breakfast. HaHaHa. Like I said, you must experience real camping. Maybe, if you discover that we used air mattresses, you'd probably say, "You're not experiencing real camping!" Well, would you be convinced that I did if I tell you it deflated in the middle of the night? I see you nodding? Unfortunately, my air mattress deflated and I ended up on the ground with a sore back. Oy! It was worth it. Or perhaps I should say I needed it.

The lake was a short hike from our camp and it was so relaxing when we sat down under a shady tree. The weather was in the mid 80s but the lake was ice cold. Brrr! I had to dip half of my body (meaning my legs) and half out. It's balanced!

For Sunday dinner, I cooked our Santa Maria Tri-Tip and took out our fresh mixed greens out of the cooler with the Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing. It doesn't sound like camping food when I mentioned the salad, huh? I got the Tri-Tip from Safeway and the Santa Maria marinade was so salty. We would have shared the meat to everybody, but with it being salty, I didn't want anyone spoiling their dinner. The lemon juice that we brought actually lessened it a bit. Still, we didn't want to take chances. I bagged up the leftovers and cooked it the next day. I actually cut it in cubes, added lots of onions, and scrambled eggs. It was actually great that way. The saltiness washed out a bit.

Around the bonfire at night time, we had fun singing songs with a guitar played by one of our friends, Paul Z. We also played Cards Against Humanity and it was so fun. I laughed so much at one point, I had tears running down my face. I think it was the smoke from the bonfire. HaHaHa. Seriously, whoever invented that game is awesome.

It was great getting away from work. But I was thankful for having a tent. Would you sleep outdoors when this guy crawls on you?

HaHaHa I don't think so!


  1. The only camping I could ever do would be in a climate controlled RV with indoor bathroom. I truly don't get the appeal of bugs, the smell of smoke on my clothes and in my hair, outdoor bathrooms and being unable to shower. I sat around a fire pit once, in Oregon, and I kept having to move b/c the smoke would blow in my face and also I was incredibly bored just sitting there. I gave up and went inside the cottage to watch TV.

    1. When outdoors, I psyche myself to be bug-friendly. The only thing that creeps me out is the thought of having snakes crawling in the sleeping bags. Eekkss!


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