Thursday, June 12, 2014

Migraines, Aches, and Pains. I Now Know Why I Have Them.

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Most of my friends know that I've been in and out of my doctor's clinic the past month or so. I had a physical, blood work, and X-rays. My doctor finally diagnosed me with pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and severe sleep apnea with mild nocturnal hypoxia. The paperwork said I stop breathing in the middle of my sleep. Since I don't get enough oxygen, I get migraines when I wake up, and I often feel tired. Not enough oxygen also means I get aches and pains everywhere. Cell tissue damage. Sigh.

Honestly, I wasn't surprised since I've inherited lots of stuff from my family genes. I'm at the age when everything comes out apparently. The good thing about it is that there are solutions that can be done.

As a Filipina, I grew up eating rice all the time. I'm sure you've read that from one of my posted blogs here. I recently decreased my consumption of white rice. In fact, I have decreased carbohydrates. I'm lucky that I live nearby a grocery deli where I always buy freshly made organic salads. However, I miss my Filipino dishes which are eaten with white steamed rice.

Good thing there's exercise. I doubled-up my cardio, both elliptical and dance. Plus, I added more stairs in between my sedentary work. Definitely, no elevator for me, except for unavoidable reasons. Parking my car far away from the entrance is also a big thing. Long walks are great. That way, I can enjoy measured amounts of white rice once or twice a week. Never everyday.

My health care provider's Sleep Lab gave me a Loaner CPAP Machine. It was a nasal pillow mask. I tested it for one week. I was told that if it wouldn't work for me, I had other options like surgery. *cringe* I happily tried the mask for one week. It actually worked, thank goodness. However, I requested a full mask when I returned it yesterday. For one week, I had great sleep. It was so good. Last night, I saw the big difference.

For one week, I never got up in the middle of the night, no sore throat from snoring, and no tiredness when I wake up. Last night was the first night without the machine. So, this morning, everything rushed back at me. I had a full blown migraine, I woke up in the middle of the night, and my whole body hurt like a mofo. I felt like beaten up, and very tired, as if I hiked a steep mountain with no air. I needed my inhaler. So, I ended up calling-in sick from work. I couldn't open my eyes, couldn't drive that way. Hello Ibuprofen!

At least, the pain subsided, and now, I'm eating Hot Ramen Soup. It's my cure-the-sick-food. I slept, but it was never a straight sleep. Fortunately, I can now write and be in front of the computer longer. I could blog!

I think, I'm going to curl back in bed with a newly borrowed book from the library. How about you, how's your day been so far?


  1. Oh my god Sonnia! I'm sorry to hear about your health issues but sounds like you are being proactive, which I don't think enough people do. I don't think I could ever sleep w/ a CPAP on. They look too uncomfortable and I toss and turn so much. I hope your migraine goes away! I've been up since about 12:30 AM with gastroenteritis. I think it was from the milk I used in soup yesterday. Despite the lack of sleep I got the house cleaned and food ready for Russell when he got home.

    1. I just wish my own machine would arrive sooner, but I got a call from the Sleep Lab this morning. They said that my machine will arrive on or before two weeks from now. Oh well... I hope you're feeling better.


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