Thursday, June 5, 2014

Indoor Adventure

We arrived at our house around 9pm this evening after attending my stepson's Middle School graduation. We needed to cool down the house so my hubby decided to open up the windows in our bedroom. He first pulled away the curtains. He startled me when he shouted. Then I saw the Blue Jay circling around the corner of our room where my stuffed toys sat on top of the book shelves. Poor little fellow perched on top of the curtain rod.

The big question was, "How on earth did Mr. Blue Jay got inside the house?"

We let Mr. Jay sit on the curtain rod while we searched the whole house for a broken screen, or a broken part of the wall, anything. We didn't find any. It's a secured house! Still, it was a mystery how Mr. Jay got in. We were puzzled. When I looked at Mr. Jay, he seemed tired and didn't know what to do either.

So, we started the chase. I stood in front of the walk-in closet, circling a towel in hand like a big fan. My hubby had a big red bucket and a big cardboard in his, trying to put Mr. Jay in the bucket. Of course, Mr. Jay wouldn't just go in a big red bucket like a spider. He flew out of the room. We followed and closed the door behind us. We actually closed all the doors of the other rooms.

We all ended up in the living room. Mr. Jay flew back and forth on top of the curtain rods, book shelves, and ended up in the kitchen's hanging glass displays. Oh no! Luckily, there weren't any broken glass anywhere after it all got knocked down. Mr. Jay flew back to the living room. We had the entrance door wide open, ready to invite Mr. Jay out, but he didn't quite notice. I stood in front of the kitchen opening, while my hubby had his big red bucket and cardboard. Big giant spider with wings! Unsuccessful big red bucket, but it was a great chaser.

Mr. Jay finally found his way out the entrance door. I finally closed and locked it. I turned around and saw the knocked down cactus pot, the top shelf display next to the TV, and tons of bird poop. I had to clean all the shit, literally. Mr. Jay was probably hungry by the time he got out. He happily flew away from our house. I'm curious how he would tell his story to his family.

We back-tracked to an earlier part of the day, the moment when we were about to leave for the graduation. I remembered forgetting something while inside the car (How ironic!). I forgot the graduation ribbon lei. Blame my memory! I had to go back inside the house to get it, but I left the door wide open. Mr. Jay probably went in and I didn't notice. I locked him inside the house when I left. Sigh. I'm glad there's no more bird shit, but I won't be surprised if I find something in a hidden corner.

I'm seriously laughing at the whole thing. What an adventure! Now, if only I remembered that my phone had video...


  1. I was wondering how much poop you were gonna have to clean up! Wow what a crazy night! I wonder how it got in? I meant to ask you on FB if you made that lei? It's awesome!

    1. A Co-Worker helped with the lei. I posted the video instructions on the comments area of the Facebook photo I uploaded. It was a crazy night. We have to clean the whole house.


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