Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happily Disabled

​I look around and see
Sadness and trouble
Staring at me

Children crying
Adults unhappy
Teenagers whining

But yesterday
I saw something different
That erased all my dismay

This man in a wheelchair
With a smile on his face
Carefree without despair

He gave me inspiration
Tears welled in my eyes
His attitude was the solution

Unable to stand
Yet he danced with all his might
It was so simple to understand

Yet nobody could follow
That there are petty things in life
Not worth the sorrow

I saw this man unable to walk
But happier than those who are able
This is why, about him, I would talk

​Material things must be cancelled
​Failed relationships and hate as well
Be happy and content you're not disabled

Even if you are unable to use your feet
It is not the end of the world
Happiness is still available to meet

That's a thought I would cherish
Lesson in life to learn
With what you have, be at peace​​

It's easier said than done
But it can be fulfilled
At the end, you'd notice you've won


  1. We have a dear friend who was paralyzed in an accident about 20 years ago and she's an inspiration for all of us. And no matter how challenging our lives get, hers is 100x more challenging and she keeps such a great attitude.

  2. It's a matter of attitude. We need to make the best of what we've got in order to find contentment.

    Tossing It Out


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