Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bay Area LEP Meetup

Today, I finally met three members from the League of Extraordinary Penpals (or LEP). I refer to the members as LEPsters, while others refer to them as LEPers. I'm sticking to LEPsters, because I didn't like the way the latter sounded. I'm sure you'll agree with me if I say I'd rather be called a LEPster than a LEPer. *smiles* I'm being funny here, so please don't think I'm being mean or bad. Chill!

Anyway, we all gathered together at the Fremont Hub for lunch at Jack's Brewing Company. We first sat inside and ordered while it was quiet. When the soccer TV got loud, we transferred outside the patio. Perfect sunny weather! We conversed while we waited for our food until it arrived. It was really awesome not being in front of the computer, or on our phone, to talk to each other. No pen and paper, we just happily discussed little things about our lives, and I was pleased to differentiate the wonderful traits about each person. What an excellent camaraderie! It was really pleasant seeing someone in person instead of just viewing their photos online.

After our lunch, we trekked the path towards Cost Plus World Market, and we all browsed cute colorful trinkets like different shaped paper clips, journal notebooks, sticky notes, and pens located near the front entrance of the store. We all decided to walk further back and discovered a whole lot of edible stuff: biscuits, tea, and chocolates. I remembered how much my husband loves dark chocolate, so I grabbed several bars and found a couple that has bacon in it. Of course, I bought those. Anything with bacon is good!

We went to Half-Priced Books, Records, and Magazines afterwards. There are more penpaling trinkets inside! I found a cute watercolor pouch for only $3.99+tax. I bought it and plan to test it on my Midori Passport Traveler's Notebook. There were tons of wonderful bookmarkers, but I didn't buy one. I still have plenty. What I need is time to read. *giggles* I'll definitely go back to buy more stuff in the future. This store is full of old school treasures. Wow! Vinyl records, Archie comics, Marvel comics, leather journals, used old books, everything. Definitely a collector's store!

(Sorry about this Daytimer Personal Leather Binder photo. It was on a higher shelf, and I stretched my arm upwards in order to take a photo. I guess, I was shaky. LOL)

Our next walk was inside Staples. I controlled myself from binge-buying office products. There's too many cute stuff! Sticky notes, journal notebooks, colorful pens, colorful sticky dots, it's the utopia of letter-writers. You won't be able to have fun using your own handwriting in colors when you use your e-notepad and stylus, or you can't decorate your notebooks and letters with washi tapes. So, yeah, this rocks!

Our next stop was Nothing Bundt Cakes. They had a sampler plate at the corner of the store. We all sampled their Strawberry Cake. There were several customers who came in after us, so the sampler plate got emptied out. A second sampler plate got brought out and it was Lemon Raspberry Cake. Oh.Emm.Gee. to the Max! Moist and very flavorful cake! One of my LEPster pals bought several cakes. I honestly didn't buy any because I was still full from lunch, but now that I'm writing about it, I have to go back. I want the Red Velvet Bundt Cake. Drooling!

Our last stop was at Michael's. I didn't shop for anything because I still have enough stuff to use up to the end of the year. *laughs* Window-shopping or browsing around the aisles means I get to walk-off the calories I ate. Teehee. Besides, they didn't have any sale going on. I like to shop at Michael's when there's like 50% discount. I'm a bargain hunter! Still, I adored everything inside, especially the ladybugs, the washi tapes, stickers, colorful papers, rubber stamps, scrapbook materials ... I could go on and on about it.

Every fun thing has to end at some point, but we are determined to have another funtabulous meetup in the near future. We just have to discover the other Bay Area LEP members whom we could convince to attend. Or, if you are in the Bay Area and you love to write letters, you can join our LEP group. It's a marvelous group of superheroes. Well, we are superheroes, in a way. We do good deeds to our friends all around the world, and I consider that extraordinary. For me, extraordinary means superheroic.

What good deeds, you asked? It is a great comfort to have a real friend who will be there to listen. Reading a handwritten letter and getting one handwritten back is listening. It is one form of friendship that I hope won't disappear. Having a heartfelt conversation doesn't necessarily need to be voiced out. Sometimes, what's written on paper matters the most. In my point of view, people who take time to listen through handwriting letters do a good deed. This group matters to me, because everybody is simply amazing... simply extraordinary.

That's why we are all letter-writing superheroes in my book.

Until our next meetup...


  1. It was so much fun! Thank you for organizing it for us! xoxo

    1. It was great to finally meet you. I'm looking forward to more meetups.

  2. Sounds and looks like a lot of fun!!!!!! I would have gone crazy shopping in all those stores!

    1. Too much crafty stuff in those stores!

  3. Hi Sonnia,

    What a day out an such an adventure you had with your LEP friends. This is so wonderful to read. Thanks for this and all those marvellous photos.

    A happy Sunday to you.

    Gary :)

    1. I'm glad I'm able to share it with my blog friends. :-) It's a different world online than in-person activities.


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