Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Recent Addiction

Thanks to my dear friend JoJo who motivated me to start blogging again, ignoring the silliness of a psycho aside. Excuse my French. Well, it's not French. C'est la vie!

So, yes, let's talk about my recent addiction. You read that correctly. Addiction. No, it's not about drugs. Sheesh, don't call the cops on me. HaHaHa

I'm addicted to washi tape, stickers, rubber stamps, Daytimer, Filofax, organizing, paper crafting ... anything that has to do with all of those connected to each other. Yes, I'm so hooked, there's no cure but to let me be, and perhaps donate some of those to me. HeHeHe (I'm trying to be cute, but that doesn't mean I'm stopping you to donate.)

Here's the thing, I've always had my organizer with me. In fact, it's been more than decades that I've owned my Daytimer Armorhide Cowhide Desk Size. I've never decorated it or whatsoever. It was boring, until I recently reinstated my penpaling last 2013. I have connected with lots of creative minds and they introduced me to the world of paper crafting. So, let me clarify with you that I have been OCD with planning and organizing. Perhaps you should ask my past Meetup group members that I organized events like crazy. Anyways, I started with one or two washi tapes and a few stickers. But now, look what I have.

Why do I do this? It's relaxing after a day's work to sit in front of my desk and think of ways how to decorate a blank canvass of paper or envelope. It's fun for me. It makes me smile to even think that I can do something colorful and I'm not even an artist. Well, sort of? HeHe

Here are old planner pages that I decorated and several snail mail envelopes.

So, are you a Filomaniac or a Planner Addict? Welcome to my world!


  1. I just love love love that you are letting your creative juices flow!!! Decorating is so much fun. It's addictive isn't it? :D And plus....all the pretty colours!!!

    1. It's a great way of destressing myself. My husband finds it good because he said that it's so easy to buy me a gift nowadays. HAHAHA

  2. OMG, I'm SUCH nerd when it comes to paper/school/office supplies. I chose my planner carefully each year. But this? I've never seen this. And with being such good friends with JoJo, I honestly thought I'd seen every craft there was...LOL. She's amazing. I must do this. I write a lot of snail mail. It just seems like a dying craft, and I'm quite proud of my "teacher" handwriting. (7th grade math for 8 years, the last three teaching math and also English - that was the best...) I love to make an envelope pretty. I have a serious pen/pencil/marker fetish...Now, where do I get this stuff???? What aisle? I usually try to avoid anything without yarn (I'm a knitter) or beads (I make jewelry). I don't have JoJo's patience for gluing and straightening and starting over and melting stuff. But I can peel the back off a sticker...
    Thanks for introducing me to this stuff! Now, as soon as I can (long story) I'll be heading out to find some "bling". And that reminds me, 2014 has been so insane I don't even have my new planner yet...
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. Tina,

      Stickers can be found everywhere: Dollar stores, Target, Walmart.

      Washi tapes can be found at Joann's, Walmart, Target, Michaels.

      Rubber stamps, I found mine on Amazon.


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