Monday, December 8, 2014

Haiku # 24

Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Planner Addiction

With the kind of technology we have nowadays, who would think of owning and using a day planner? Cellphones and tablets have all the hi-tech ability of gathering data, and they have a large memory to hold them in just a small unit. Day planners are bulky, just like actual hardbound books. They eat up tons of space in bags, and they are a burden on the shoulders.

Well, I don't think that way. Honestly, I wouldn't give up my day planner for a tablet or a cellphone when it comes to planning and journaling. Yes, I'm old school when it comes to that. Cellphones and tablets won't ever have the function of my very own handwriting. It's personalized by me and customized by me. Cellphones and tablets are all the same, font and all. Planners are all different. Very unique.

They won't ever have the wonderful variety of stickers and washi tapes that I use to express myself with. They can't have Hello Kitty glitter stickers posted on calendar pages electronically. They can't have an attached perfumed sticker in email messages. They can't interchange from one planner cover color to another.

Wait, planner cover to another? Yes, multiple planners. I have different moods. Who doesn't? You don't wear the same clothes everyday, do you? This is why my planner has different decorated pages. Sometimes, I transfer to a different planner as well. But, that's not really the point. Self-expression can be done through different ways, and this is my way.

I was recently asked by one of my friends, "How do you cope up with depression?" I was diagnosed with depression back in 2004-2005 and one of the things that helped me through it was my planners. I was occupied by it, expressing myself through it, planning positive things with it, and molding the path towards the light in it. It became addictive, and up to this day I'm hooked.

Who wouldn't be hooked with these?

I love cute and colorful stuff. Not only stickers and washi tapes, but most especially PENS!

I collect all kinds of pens: ballpoint, fountain, pencils, felt, markers, etc. I use them for color-coding my planner. And speaking of coding, I use my planner to practice my own invented writing code.

Well, I do write legibly, the normal American English way. Still, codes can't be used on cellphones and tablets, unless you mix all the standard letters and characters using all the possible symbols available, but that's not fun for me. The fun thing is what I created which I can only decipher. Signifiers are also fun.

This is an addiction that cures my depression. And, I'm so happy to find others who have the same addiction. How about you, what's yours?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Keto Pancakes

So happy to discover this Keto Pancake recipe, but I tweaked it a little bit base from my multiple research. After eating it, it didn't give me that bloated feeling, no sleepiness, and no cravings for more sugar.

Here are the ingredients:

4 tbsp cream cheese
2 eggs
1 packet stevia (or any) sweetener (erythritol or xylitol would probably equal to 1 tsp)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tbsp heavy whipping cream


1. Put all ingredients in a blender or magic bullet. Blend until smooth. (I used a hand-mixer.)

2. Let it rest for 2 minutes so the bubbles can settle.

3. Pour 1/4 of the batter into a hot pan greased with butter.

4. Cook for 2 minutes or until golden, flip and cook 1 minute on the other side.

5. Repeat with the rest of the batter.

6. Serve with sugar free syrup (or any syrup of your choice) and fresh berries.

It's a great replacement of the real thing, without the high carbs and blood glucose count. Yummy!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Day - What I'm Thankful For

Every year, we celebrate one day of thanks. I think, it should be celebrated everyday. But, I don't want to blog about it daily. So, I created a short list in my planner (see photos). It is not necessarily in order, even though I numbered them. I don't rank them in popularity or significance. They are all equal, in general.

To elaborate more:

1. Snail Mail and Penpals - Handwritten letters have been a part of my life since 1989. It is something that helped me in so many ways, particularly in the mental aspects of life. At first, I wrote in journals or diaries, talked to notebooks that don't answer back. Through snail mailing, I received wonderful and colorful replies with thoughts other than mine. It's a great feeling to correspond with someone who acknowledges my short or long missives through their own handwritten or typewritten way. That's why I'm thankful.

2. Planners and Accessories - I'm not a crafty artist, although I've always wanted to call myself one. Through different stickers, washi tapes, and colorful pens, I morph into craftiness. I decorate my planners and letters to personalize them. It's a way for me to express myself. Being able to do so is the best de-stresser ever. That's why I'm thankful.

Photo taken here.

3. Toxic People Who Stay Away - Letting go was the greatest thing. And, letting go of toxic people is the happiest thing. I'm thankful that they have stayed away. I hope it stays that way.

4. Social Media and Its Gadgets - Without social media, I wouldn't have connected with my childhood friends and classmates. Without the gadgets associated with social media, the connections wouldn't have happened. It's great to see old friends online, even though they are sixteen thousand miles away. That's why I'm thankful.

Photo taken here.

5. Non-blood relatives - I'm referring to the people I call family nowadays, and they are not related to me by blood. They are the ones who are more related to me than my blood family, and I'm thankful that they are around.

6. Real Close Friends - I'm always thankful for the people who accept me for who I am, good or bad. They are still around me no matter what. They understand me when I don't make sense. They laugh at my jokes even though they are not funny. They hang out with me because they simply want to. They lend a shoulder for me to cry on without any questions. They listen when I rant like a banshee and they don't run away. I'm very thankful for them.

7. My Job - A lot of my friends know that I have ranted about my job numerous times. I know that I'm luckier than a lot of others for having one. It pays my bills, at least. It doesn't cure my stress, but it is at least still there supporting me. I'm thankful for that.

8. My Son - I'm a proud and happy mother. He's a wonderful person. He makes me smile whenever he sends me his daily photo. He makes me laugh when he tries to tell me a joke that I can't understand. He reminds me of myself when I was his age. I'm thankful for him being a part of me.

9. My Stepkids - Being a stepmother is not like being a mother. It is totally different, but at the long run, there's a bond that forms, and the two worlds connect. Most of the times, kids are kids, and they get in your nerves. But, at the end of the day, they are still precious beings whom I want to walk with on a good path. They are like my son. They are all different, but they have their own meaning in my life. I'm thankful that they show me the unique wonders of youth.

10. My Husband - When I look back in the past, I never imagined someone like my husband wanting to meet me, wishing to be with me, and proposing to marry me. I'm thankful for him being such a great person in my life. He is the most wonderful husband ever.

11. The Powerful Positive Force Around Me - Since the new movie trailers of one of my favorite movie franchises got released recently, I'm sticking to "The Force." The good, powerful, and positive force always prevails. Someone is watching over me, in a good kind of way. Whatever problems I face, a solution always arrives at my door steps. I'm thankful for that.

And last but not the least...

12. The Ketogenic Way of Eating - Last September, my Pre-Diabetes ended. It became a full-blown Type 2 Diabetes. I researched and found LCHF (low carb high fat) or Ketogenic Woe (Way of Eating). It totally changed my view towards the food pyramid. My hopelessness got cured by the Keto Woe, and my life changed for the better. I'm very thankful that it became a part of my life, and I'm keeping it for a long, long time.

I had an awesome Thanksgiving Day with my heart-family. My MIL's dinner menu was the best. It was turkey-rrific! With my Keto-Woe, I of course didn't partake in the starchy sides. I did have the juicy turkey, the bacon and green beans, Mt. Olive pickles, and the avocados I brought. The best part was of course the Pumpkin Pie and Crustless Almond Cheesecake. Yummy!

Yes, I had a bit of a cheat day. We celebrated my birthday after dinner. It was worth every carb count! The great thing about it, my blood glucose reading didn't hit the highest note. It was all so good, whipped cream, crusts, and every slice!

I received wonderful gifts from my MIL, FIL, and SIL (Those are abbreviations for Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law, and Sister-In-Law). Stationery sets, stickers, colorful pens, and a red scarf. They were perfectly me!

I'm very thankful for everything, good and bad. They made me who I am today.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Tortang Giniling - Keto Friendly!

First, I'd say, "Watch out," because the veggies used in this recipe has carbs. So, don't consume a lot of this. Check your macros, if you are using MyFitnessPal. Yes, you will definitely consume a lot of this, because it is good and addictive. I'm thankful that I now know how to quit eating when my body is full. HeHe.

So, this is one of my favorite dishes. (I think all the dishes I cook are my favorites, anyways. HaHa!) The old version used to have cubed potatoes included. I took them out to make the whole recipe Keto-friendly. I know the veggies I used have higher carbs than what I should have included, but that's totally up to you. You can play with whatever veggies you want, especially the low-carb ones.

Here are the ingredients:
1 lb. ground pork
6 pieces raw eggs
1 medium-sized onion, diced
2 medium sized tomatoes, diced (can be optional coz of the carbs)
1 small green bell pepper, minced
1 small red bell pepper, minced
1/2 cup frozen green peas (can be replaced with a lower-carb veggie)
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
olive oil

1. Heat a frying pan or wok and pour-in 2 tbsp olive oil.

2. When the oil is hot enough, sauté the onion, and tomatoes.

3. Add the ground meat and cook for 8 to 10 minutes.

4. Put-in the bell peppers and green peas. Cook for 3 minutes.

5. Add salt and pepper then stir to distribute. Transfer to a large bowl. Let it cool down.

6. When the cooked ground meat reaches room temperature, beat the eggs and pour into the bowl of meat and veggies. Stir to distribute all the ingredients.

7. Heat a clean non-stick pan. Add the remaining cooking oil.

8. Scoop the egg and pork mixture to the pan. I used a ladle, but you can use a measuring cup, too.

9. Cook each side for 3 minutes or until you see that the eggs are fully cooked. Avoid over cooking the eggs. Do the same step until the mixture is consumed.

10. Turn off the heat and transfer to a serving plate.

11. Serve with low carb ketchup. Share and enjoy!

This can be eaten whenever: breakfast, lunch, dinner. You can eat it by itself or with Cauliflower Rice. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Keto Cauliflower Rice

During the first days of changing my woe (way of eating), my thoughts were a bit stressed-out thinking, "How the hell am I going to get rid of rice?"

Being 100% Pinay, I grew up eating steamed white rice, decades and decades of my life. Every type of dish in my country has rice tagged along the side or mixed in it. I did a lot of research and discovered Cauliflower Rice. To be honest, at first, I thought it won't be good, because my brainwashed thinking screamed, "There's no absolute replacement for this great tasting white rice, ever!"

Thank goodness it's not true. Cauliflower is the greatest thing for this woe. And, of course, a food processor is the next. HeHe.

Just cut up a head of Cauliflower, put the florets in the food processor, pulse it until it resembles white rice, and it's ready for cooking. I always keep some chopped up in a plastic container in the refrigerator, so I can always get some when I want to have a side of "rice."

Cooking it is very simple. If you want fried rice, just cook it like fried rice. Instead of the white rice, you will use the chopped up Cauliflower Rice.

Fried Rice Procedure:
1. Using a wok, saute minced garlic with olive oil.
2. Add Keto-friendly veggies (green beans, broccoli, etc. just enough to give color or variety).
3. Add Cauliflower Rice (one head of Cauliflower chopped).
4. Add salt, pepper, and low carb soy sauce. Mix it well.
5. Add beaten eggs. Mix it very well, until cooked.

It's very good with everything, especially our famous Silogs!

Of course, it can be just plain Cauliflower Rice that resembles Steamed White Rice.

Steamed Rice Procedure:
1. Get a cup or two of the Cauliflower Rice and place it in a microwave safe bowl or plate.
2. Mix in a teaspoon of fish sauce and fried garlic.
3. Microwave for a minute or two.
4. Sprinkle with parsley.

If you close your eyes, it tastes like steamed rice.

What a great "rice" replacement, without the carbs!