Friday, October 11, 2013

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Last weekend, a question from a famous childhood kid's TV program became the topic in front of my house. I mentioned, “in front of my house,” because my family and I had a conversation with one of our neighbors right in front of our yard located in front of the house. I'm over-explaining things nowadays. **smiles**

Who are the people in your neighborhood? Do you know? Are you aware who surrounds you in your little circle where you live, where your kids play, and where you feel safe?

My husband and I discussed a recently disturbing news about Amanda Berry and other two kidnapped girls. Their kidnapper was a quiet man in a neighborhood that could be anybody's. Just like yours and mine, our neighborhood. Do you pay attention to who your neighbors are? They might be quiet, but are they really?

I'm not saying that one should pry inside their neighbor's house and check whether they're doing something illegal. Who knows? But, don't we want to know who is doing something illegal in the neighborhood where our kids are? I surely wouldn't want my kids outside with those.

In your neighborhood, here are things that you might want to observe and perhaps practice:

Keeping people against their will is illegal in human rights kind of way. It's not easy to spot if one of your neighbors are exercising it. I'm not saying that you should be prying inside your neighbor's house. We are in a hi-tech era. Consider investing in surveillance cameras outside your house. You are adding security to yours as well as being able to provide possible help for others when needed.

Our neighborhood is zoned out as residential zones. There are areas where they are zoned to be industrial or business zones. If someone is doing business activity inside their house, that is already illegal by zoning law. However, if someone has a hair salon compared to someone doing illegal trade inside their house, you might want to differentiate which trade is bad for your neighborhood instead. You don't want criminals coming and going in your neighborhood buying illegal stuff or doing illegal activities. Hosting a business party at home (example: Tupperware, Party Lite, Avon, etc.) is also different. Business-minded people aren't bad for your neighborhood. They generate decent and legal income compared to selling contraband or doing illegal services. I don't need to write down in detail what those are. You should know what's right and wrong.

Business permits are needed and advertised out in the open, instead of discreet, weird, verbal ads. Unless one is telecommuting or working from home while legally employed, work is normally done away from home. When one works from home, give them the benefit of the doubt, but not total judgment. Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of good friends who work from home, and some mothers, Accountants or Tax Preparers, Notary Public are good examples. In your neighborhood, however, once you really give a good observation to some, you'll discover a few weird ones.

So, at this point, I'd ask again, who are the people in your neighborhood? Do you really know?


  1. I don't know the people here other than a friendly wave, nod of the head when they drive by, a smile....I prefer to keep it that way. I've had so many bad experiences w/ neighbours that I really don't want to get to know anyone. It'd be different if I lived in my hometown b/c chances are I'd know more people by virtue of the fact that we grew up together so there's already a history there.

    1. I'm not referring to being a part of your neighbor's life. I was more referring to being aware of what is going on to avoid apathy when help is needed.


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