Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life in Judgment

In several recent days, some random friends of mine have discussed with me the following issues:

From Ms. One: People think I don't have a life because I always go to my boyfriend's events, like they think my life is my boyfriend's sport events. Why can't I like sports? They don't know I love watching sports because I want to write a sports column. They judge me so easily.

Mrs. Two: My husband's friends think that I have no life of my own because I'm always present where my husband is. Every party, every occasion, I'm with my husband. They think I have no friends of my own or my own group to go party with. But, I socialize because I have a bakery business to promote. I get orders all the time. They think I'm guarding my husband.

Miss Three: My parents think I need to find something I really like to do, as if I don't do anything at all. They push me out of the house, and they want me to do sports. But, they don't see who I really am. I love to cross-stitch and do crafts. Why can't they see that?

The question is, why do people think that about other people? Just because someone hangs out often with another doesn't mean that particular someone has no life of his/her own. How about you, what makes you different from the person you always hang out with? What's the reason you even hang out with that person? Everybody has different intentions in this world, but the intent to question someone else's individuality shouldn't be one of them. Why can't they just be there?

I'll write about "me," for example. I organize events and gather different friends together to have fun. I don't call it a life, but I call it exploration. Not just of my own self, but it is an exploration of almost everything around me, about me, about others. I discover a lot of things I love and enjoy: meeting new friends, socializing, going to different places, exploring different dishes, photography, and writing all about it. Everyday is an opportunity to learn and discover new things. At least, that's how I see it.

When it comes to my husband, he brought back music to my life. I studied piano and church organ when I was a little girl, up to my teen years. Reading music is not new to me, and when I decided to learn the saxophone, my husband guided me to it. If I go with him to his events, it doesn't mean I always ride along with his kind of life. Music has been a part of my life, and I'm discovering a new way of experiencing it for myself. I've also been in band gigs back home as a vocalist. So, my husband's baritone sax band gigs brought me back to the past. I love watching live music anyways, so we were a match--him performing and me a part of the audience.

The big thing other people don't see is my love for photography and writing. I won't call myself a professional photographer. I won't even consider myself good at photography, but I do try to learn slowly and discover something magical through my camera. See, that's a part of my life. Going to events help me execute that part of my life.

After the events I go to, I write about it. I studied Journalism and Writing for Mass Media in college. I practice my writing by scribbling different stuff on my journals. So, going to my husband's gigs helps me be me. I may not post everything that I write, but it doesn't mean I don't have anything better to do. Just like my friends who get questioned. Why would they let the whole world know? I mean, why would they explain themselves for being around, for hanging out when others think they shouldn't be? Why do people think someone doesn't belong?

That should be an example. Maybe those do-not-belong-here-individuals are practicing their social skills, joke-telling, or cooking (by sharing dishes to parties). Who knows, right? Each individual has a purpose and has a reason for being around, for hanging out. That's life itself. UNLESS, you are doing something illegal or a crime. I'm not judging those of you who do, by the way. I want you to realize what you are doing. See, that's a whole different flow of thought. But then, who really knows what's right and wrong, correct? Think again. There are rules in this world, especially in this country, for example. Doing something against the rules is just wrong. Period. I digress. That's an entirely different ball game (or topic).

Anyways, I'm writing this blog for my friends who are questioned by others, judged for doing what's right, and looked down upon because of not knowing why. Keep doing the good things that you are doing by being you, by enjoying what you do, without breaking rules (I guess that depends on what rule, hahaha), and by laughing out loud. Your happiness is the meaning of life.

Date Night: Lu'au

This past weekend, I treated my husband to a Dinner Show. It's Hui 'Ilima's 54th Annual Lu'au (All-You-Can-Eat Hawaiian Sit-Down Dinner and Hawaiian Dance Show). It's one of my favorite events.

It was held at the familiar grounds of IFES Portuguese Hall in Mountain View. A long line of patrons greeted us when we arrived, and we had to walk through clusters of people to get at the very end. The familiar booths of Hawaiian souvenirs sat around the side of the building. They were colorful and cute. My husband bought me a new purple hair clip to match the purple muumuu I was wearing. Of course, I matched with my husband's purple shirt, too, which was a practiced tradition of ours.

The doors opened up and everybody slowly stepped inside the big hall. There were around 300 attendees. I wasn't sure, there maybe more than that. The hall almost filled up, just like the previous years. Every long table was occupied with colorful Hawaiian-garbed attendee. It was a fun sight. We met new friends from our table, too. Some of them experienced the event only this year, while others attended for years.

After we got comfortable at our table, the event servers started giving out the yellow Styrofoam food trays full of goodies. They separated the dishes with Styrofoam cups. It's easier to clean and gather. We had Baked Fish, Haupia, Sweet Bread, Sweet Potato and Pineapples for appetizers. The dinner consisted of the Kahlua Pork, Lomi-Lomi Salmon, Chicken Long Rice Soup, Poi and Steamed White Rice. Fruit Punch, Coffee, and Water for drinks. They did have alcohol for extra purchase at a bar located inside one of the rooms of the hall, but we didn't avail of it.

The food was great. (It has always been great every time I've attended--except for Poi. I'm not a fan of Poi--a taro paste or pudding of some sort. Well, don't get me wrong. Maybe others like it, but not me.) We were the ones who gave up. We said no to the servers. We just couldn't handle all of the offered helpings. **laughs** After dinner, raffle tickets were called, and there were different prizes. After that, the dance show started.

They had a new group of dancers this year from Kawailehua Hula Ohana. I love watching the exotic dances, especially the Tahitian dance. It reminded me of my little girl days when I donned a grass skirt on and danced Tahitian. (Shaking your booty to the Tahitian drum beat is a great exercise, you know. **giggles**) The male dancers were quite popular that night. Hmm, I wonder why. **laughs**

Overall, it was a great date night with my husband. I may be too late to ask, but how did you spend your weekend?