Friday, August 9, 2013

First Of Many More To Come

My husband and I are on vacation mode this whole week. It's our first wedding anniversary and we have decided to get away from the busy Bay Area of California. We have landed on a different Bay Area here in the East Coast.

We have been spending our time reminiscing how we met, walking along the beach, hand in hand, enjoying the breeze of the Atlantic. We have explored different and unknown places, exotic food, and interesting acquaintances. It was quite a journey, a roller coaster, including weird characters both helpful and evil. Wait, that sounds like a book. *laughs* Well, life can be like a book. It has settings, protagonists, plots, and antagonists. Not to forget climax. Multiple climax. *grins* The power lies on the goodness of one's heart and purpose.

No, seriously. Our whole relationship includes weird parts like that, but we came out victorious, triumphant, and very happy. That's what's important, and we keep it that way all the time. Being the best of friends, with high respect for each other, no matter what obstacles come across our way, we are very solid for each other. In the past, one villain has predicted we'd never make it, but here we are... very much in-love, holding on to each other. Don't ask me what happened with the villain. That villain remained a loser. We moved on.

Have you ever been challenged when it comes to your relationships? It feels like it takes forever to be solved, but at the end of the dark tunnel, everything comes out clear, especially if you are on the right path, doing the correct things in life. Good things happen to those who do good. At least, that's what I believe in. Not Zodiac Sign predictions. *laughs*

To my wonderful husband who never stops spoiling me... I love you... I love you, Shaggy, very much... Here's to the next adventurous years to come...


  1. I've been enjoying your pics on FB. I am sure there are plenty of people who were waiting for Russell & I to falter and fail. We encountered the most challenges in the 6 mos. I was still in WA, but we both hung in there and we are going strong today. We both realize how rare this is and how lucky we are. There was a psycho ex who was harassing us but she seems to finally have gotten the hint.

    1. There are just people who are so unhappy that they will spread it out to others just because they can. No matter how educated they are, they'd still do the dumbest things and make the wrong choices in life. They need to look in the mirror without their blind eyes to really see their true selves and move on to do good things. One will never succeed in life if one does bad things or illegal things. You know what I'm saying.


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