Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's wrong with me?

After the A to Z Blog Challenge, I totally disappeared from the blogosphere. Not that I was kidnapped or something. It's also not about me quitting writing. It's about my kind of reading.

My writing has a big similarity with my reading style. I read multiple books at the same time. Well, not literally at the very same time, that is. I mean, I'd start reading one book. When I get to a part where it's boring, I'd start reading another book. The process repeats itself naturally.

My writing is quite the same. When I don't want to blog, nor write an article for online publication, I'd write snail mail letters or write in my private journal. I still write everyday, though. They're just not open for everybody to see. Now, that's a bit of a mystery. I love mysteries.

Wait, I'm sounding like I have attention deficit disorder. I'm still talking about writing. That's what I'm actually doing. Let's just go to the actual content of this blog before I go blabbering about something else.

Recently, I discovered that I have OCD. It's not the ever-popular washing of hands or cleaning every corner of the house. (Trust me, I don't clean every minute. I don't clean, period. Well, if needed.)

My OCD is connected with lines and my feet. If I see lines—crooked, straight, curved, bent, and circular—I just won't step on it. Now, see here, I'm not always looking at my feet. This only happens when I can see the ground I'm walking on. It's automatic.

If there's a crack on the pavement, I'd skip over it. If there are lines that separate the floor tiles, I'd try to not step on it. If there's a trace of whatever substance on the surface of the floor, it creates lines. I'd avoid it. I'd just step on solid surface. Solid blocks.

Remember, this happens only if I'm looking on the ground I'm walking on. If I'm looking straight ahead, I don't really care what happens down below, especially if I'm carrying bags or books. I don't look down when I'm in a hurry, too.

I discovered this at work. We have different floor surfaces—carpeted, tiled, linoleum, wood. Carpets are easy. I just glide through them. However, one time there was a dried up spill on one of our office areas, I still avoided stepping on it. It was already dried up. People were walking on it. For the other flooring, I'd avoid the obvious.

What's wrong with me? Oh I'm sure there's nothing wrong with me. Right? Maybe, I just didn't like the part of Superman The Movie where Lois Lane's car got swallowed by the road. Who knows, really? Still, it bugs me.

I'm a bug. I love bugs. Well, ladybugs.

Darn, I have ADD and OCD.



  1. Glad you're back! I was wondering where you'd gotten to the past couple months, blog-wise.

    1. Thanks Jo! I'm wondering why my NetworkedBlogs is not working on FB. Then I realized, I had a new blog. LOL Oh well.


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