Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Old School Z

Z is for Zoinks.

I know, I know. Zoinks is gibberish.

Gibberish is what we get when text messaging came out. We used to write complete sentences, correct spellings, and use correct punctuation. Right now, after the internet and computer boom, we see a lot of these:

Text Message #1: Wassup bro!? Watcha doin? U gona C me l8r @ 9?
Text Message #2: Yo! Im chillin bro. C ya @ 9!

I know that a lot of you would say, "Well, there's only this much characters allowed, especially on Twitter..." Seriously? I got an email with "text message lingo." It's crazy! Just because they emailed through their phone, they got used to the text message spelling.

I do hope school teachers don't pass those essays with that kind of writing. I mean, come on.

I admit, at first, I tried it, but I felt I damaged the whole English structure. I'm looking at my fellow Filipinos and shake my head when I see them shortening their Tagalog words with weird syllable replacements. Here's an example:

Me (english) = Ako (Tagalog) = Aq (gibberish) = ZOINKS!

See what I mean? I hope that the complete English structure won't be obsolete.


  1. I can't stand seeing text speak on Facebook. People spell out long words and abbreviate short ones. Using 'no' instead of 'know'. B4 bugs the crap out of me too.

  2. Yeah, it drives me crazy. I was chatting on Skype about a project, and we were proposing Twitter messages for something we wanted to say. Mine was a complete sentence, and said everything we wanted to say. It's not like I never shorten on Twitter, but it just seems weird for a legitimate company to shorten when it's not necessary. Another person proposed a message with one unnecessary abbreviation, and I thought it looked weird. So I proposed a slight rephrasing, and she attacked me, saying I'm probably one of THOSE people who never shortens words on Twitter! Sheesh!

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:


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