Monday, April 29, 2013

The Old School X

X is for Xerox and X-Rated.

Before you scroll down to the last topic, do read Xerox first. *laughs* The word Xerox is what I'm referring to. When Xerox came out, it became easy for us to have multiple copies of documents. I know that this is way before the internet and computers, and Xerox is a brand name not a verb, but somehow, the word Xerox itself became popular that people used it as the official word meaning "to copy." For example:

Boss: Miss Smith, please xerox these legal documents and mail them out.
Secretary: Yes, Mr. Williams.

When the internet and computers came out, the word xerox slowly diminished and the correct word "copy" took place. At least, that's how I've observed it. I do know that it's not obsolete. Some still use it to order copies of documents, but at this age and time, the word "copy" is a better verb. Right?

Okay, so here we arrive at the topic X for X-Rated Paid Porn. Yes, before the internet and computers, x-rated porn were paid through renting or buying copies at video stores or sex-toy stores. (Don't ask me where! LOL) Now that the internet is all out in full force, there are a whole bunch of free porn accessible through the world wide web. *cringe* (Don't ask me for the URL Links!) So, for parents out there, beware. Full length movies of x-rated porn are all out the internet. Guard your computers well.

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  1. That's like calling all facial tissue 'kleenex'. lol Speaking of X Rated, that was the designation given to Midnight Cowboy in 1969. It was the only X rated film to receive Best Picture Oscar. Watch it now and it's laughably tame.


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