Friday, April 26, 2013

The Old School W

W is for Walkman and Wrist Watches.

Not everybody today has seen the first Walkman sets. But for those who have, I'm sure you rocked yourself out with it back in the days. If you don't know what it is, a Walkman is a Sony brand portable audio cassette player that comes with U-shaped headphones. Old school!

The first sets actually introduced a big change in people's music-listening habits. People were able to carry music with them anywhere they go.

Walkman is still a Sony brand, but it is now used for better improved gadgets. With the MP3s, phones, and tablets out, I don't think a portable audio cassette player can be seen around nowadays. Inside antique stores, probably.

Let's talk about wrist watches. They're definitely not obsolete. You'd still see a lot of people wearing expensive wrist watches. However, they might not be as big of a number as in the past prior to cellphones. I'm one of those who don't wear wrist watches anymore. My phone tells me time all the time. I always have my phone with me, so I don't need to wear a wrist watch. Plus, the computers always have time on the lower right corner of the screens. Who needs a wrist watch? I guess, if I'm attending a formal dinner of some sort, maybe I'd consider it as a fashion jewelry, but not as a necessity anymore.

Do you still wear a wrist watch?


  1. I wear a watch from time to time. I have a really pretty Swatch I got a few years ago. I loved my walkman...wish I still had one but I got rid of it in favour of the Discman! That one became obsolete even faster than the Walkman did!

  2. I still wear a watch all the time. I am just not used to looking at my phone for the time. Even when I am on my phone emailing or on the net I STILL look at my watch to find out the time.

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  3. I had a Walkman and my overwhelming memory is the fact it used to drain batteries like no ones business.

    I need a watch. My Swatch watches are my favourite but I tend to kill them!

  4. I miss having a Walkman. Making mixtapes was so much fun, and I loved being able to take my music around with me. Yes, I now have an ipod, but it's not the same as a Walkman.

  5. I wear an old gold wrist watch that I bought with my first earnings when I arrived in the UK. It's over a hundred years old and very beautiful. I've since had the winding mechanism converted to a battery. The item is more like a bracelet, which conveniently tells the time should I need it.

  6. Funny- I wear a wristwatch, a cheap black casio watch like I had way back when cassette tapes were still around. I don't like taking my phone out of my pocket whenever I want to check the time.

    I was missing my walkman recently, but not for the music; my old walkman had an am/fm radio on it and I wanted to listen to a baseball game.

  7. Oh yeah, I still wear a wrist watch when I leave home. I feel lost without it. At home, I use my computer. And yeah, I'm old school. I went through thousands of batteries in my Walkman. Back then, I worked a production line in a shirt factory. My Walkman would run 8 hours a day and plus sometime. I could get my rhythm going with the music and produce a lot of shirts. I was one of the highest producers. :)
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