Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Old School U

U is for Unlimited Privacy.

It's not a brand name nor an obsolete gadget. It is your privacy. Ever since social media came out, your hidden world is now exposed. Well, that's if you are the type who lingers around computers and creates public profiles in popular social media sites. Just like me, always on my phone, my tablet and my laptop. Nowadays, not having those is sort of considered creepy (who said that?). I read it from an online article, that's what. Even criminals have Twitter and Facebook accounts, that's why. Is this the new type of reverse psychology? Who knows?

Seriously, is our privacy getting obsolete? I remember in the past, when someone is loud and all over the place, we consider that person strange and a bad influence. Right now, however, if someone is hidden and not socializing, that person is the strange one. Really? Wheels of change have turned.

What do you think?


  1. Creepy. It's like you're being watched. *shivers*

  2. I used to share way, way more about my life and what I was up to on Facebook. Russell said it made him uncomfortable that I put myself out there so much. He's not crazy about my blogging, but if you notice even that's changed to more travel/crafting/photography than bitching about my life like I used to. Well not that I have much to bitch about anymore, but you know what I mean.

    1. I understand. You do realize I have hidden my other blog. Most of my personal stuff were written there. In this new one, I'd probably concentrate with writing. The April challenge is of course all about writing with a theme. It all ends up with writing. Nothing too personal anymore. I'd rather write my novel than write about myself nowadays. I just wish I'm not too lazy. I get tempted to linger more on social media sites than in front of my novel manuscript. *laughs*


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