Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Old School T

T is for Typewriter machines and Turntables.

I miss my Typing Class in college, especially the antique typewriter machines. I loved hitting the keys so hard that it seemed like a great spilling ground for violence. *laughs* Seriously speaking, if you didn't hit the typewriter keys hard, you'd likely get no carbon print on your work. Hit it hard! Unless you're Clark Kent, then don't. You'll destroy it! *wink wink* I loved typewriters because it projected discipline from the typist. There were certain rules to follow. If not, the whole project would be a failure, particulary when we typed that trees poem by Joyce Kilmer. It was difficult at first, but after getting the hang of it, everything became easy. The whole poem looked like a tree! Just imagine how hard it was to be a writer in the past. You'd have to use a typewriter! Ha!

I don't think Turntables are obsolete. In fact, I think they're having a come-back appearance. There are music records that are getting sold in vinyl form as of late. That only means turntables are still around to play them. Turntables have this very distinctive crisp sound when you mount the vinyl on and let the needle ride with it. I must have my favorite Frank Sinatra songs and a foxtrot dance step... I'd be all set!

Do you miss those things?

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  1. We still had electric typewriters at my office in WA b/c there were some forms that weren't able to be completed on the computer, and I have been babying my almost 30 year old turntable too.


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