Monday, April 22, 2013

The Old School S

Before I start with S, let me say that I totally forgot about one important R. The Rotary Phone. It's so obsolete for me, that's why. *laughs* Everything about the non-rotary phones means push buttons. Rotary dial is just vintage art nowadays. I was kidding. I have seen some that are still rotary, but it makes me not want to touch it. It's that feeling when you're in front of an antique object. You're afraid to break it. *giggles*

Okay, so here we go with the S. It's all about Snail Mailing. Without the internet, especially emailing and texting messages, snail mailing was the only form of communication (silent communication, that is, so don't consider the phone). You do know how important communication is, especially between long distance admirers, lovers or friends. One has to put up a good impression, even on paper. Different kinds of stationery pads, pens, pencils, stickers, envelopes--even scented ones--and stamps were in full trade. People had to write legibly and exercise their hands through their different ink strokes. And then, one waits for replies. Wait, wait, and wait. Unlike the internet's speedy delivery, the post office delivery takes a while.

I love receiving snail mail. This is not obsolete, and that's my personal experience. I'm still a member of International Pen Friends Club, and there are still a whole lot of people who write letters and send them via air mail or regular local post. We just can't allow the post offices to close!

Writing letters is a very nice thing. It's more personal, intimate, and passionate. Special time and attention are given in order to create one letter. I know that one also gives time and attention when you type an email or even do a typewritten-printed letter, but Times New Roman, Arial and Garamond, even Comic Sans, are not your handwriting. Your penmanship is unique. That makes it more special.

I love my numerous international and local penfriends! Their letters inspire me to write, and replying to them helps me become a better writer.

Do you want to exchange snail mail letters? *grins*

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  1. I used to spend hours and hours handwriting letters in the 80s and 90s. Now I can barely scrawl out a recipe I see online. Don't write in my journal b/c my hand goes dead and my fingers get numb & tingly.

    As for a rotary phone, don't be afraid to touch it. They are heavy as hell and hard to break. My parents had a big black one in the diningroom and when you slammed the receiver down, it made quite an impact on the other end of the line. lol Plus if you hit the cradle hard enough you could make the inner bell ding a little.


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