Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Old School R

There's a lot of old school Rs.

I'm quite sure that you are all familiar with business cards. We exchange them with other professionals whom we do business transactions with. Or, we just give them to those who need our contact information. The cards that we get are normally inserted in card holders or mounted on a Rolodex. It's a brand of card holder with different styles. With the boom of the cellphone industry, we now throw away business cards after recording phone numbers and other contact information on our phones. Why keep recyclables on Rolodex, right?

When it comes to recorders, we use tapes in the past. Big ones and small ones. They get recorded on, rewinded, erased, and recorded on again. Nowadays, digital recorders are what we use. Non-bulky, easy to use, no more winding and rewinding. Tapes are obsolete when it comes to recording data. It's definitely something I really like.

With hi-technology in place and improved, reporting news or data sharing is now instant. Unlike in the past when every footage gets recorded and gets transported before getting aired and viewed. Not every news van had live feed capabilities. In fact, with cellphones having video recorders, even non-journalists have the ability to record news data and transport to TV stations. I would like to mention here the Boston Marathon Bombings as an example. Without the help of non-journalists' input of data (specifically random photos and videos), the suspects wouldn't have been caught. Thanks to all who contributed their photos and videos. Thanks to all of Boston's finest--cops--SWAT, FBI, military and all authorities, too. United we stand! Now, this is what I call great technology. Don't you agree?


  1. I was so pleased to see that modern technology could be used for good.

  2. I still have a lot of my video tapes, no clue why I can't play them and have bought most fo the movies on dvd or blu-ray.

  3. I am so glad they found the bomber(s) yesterday!

    I still used a rolodex at my job in law, and my boss did his dictation on microcassettes. I'm still making mix tapes from my vinyl records too.

  4. My hubs hangs on his old video tapes and rolodex. But the modern 'r's are definitely more practical!


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