Friday, April 12, 2013

The Old School K

K is for Keys and Keyboards.

Those heavy cling-clanging keys on your keychains will soon disappear. Well, not really that soon. Who knows when? But, with the invention of keyless entry, you might as well consider your keys antique for display in a museum in the near future. How awesome it is to enter your car without a key, or even start it, too. I'd probably panic not knowing what to do if the engine dies in the middle of the freeway. *laughs*

The hi-tech retina scanning and finger-print readers to enter highly secured places are just another sign of how technology and science merge to create something out of the ordinary. Use your unique retina scan to enter your house one day, or the palm of your hand to enter and drive your car. Just don't lose your eyeballs and hands, okay?


My love for keyboards slowly fades away with the invention of touch screens. I'm still in-love with keyboards, though, especially my cellphone's. I just can't seem to type faster with touch screens. There's always a typo! It slows my wpm and it's irritating. But, everybody's getting used to the touch screen mode. I just couldn't let go, that's why I'm getting used to it too late. Nothing's too late when motivated.

How about you, do you love touch screens? Or are you like me?


  1. I don't like touch screens either. My stepdaughter just leased a new car and the car 'key' isn't a key at all but this plug in thingie.

    1. I'm really afraid that my hands will be cut off in the future just to steal my car. *cringe* If ever I get a new car, that is.

  2. Actually, I like to hand write in cursive, yet. How outdated is that? I hate the idea of babies being taught to swipe phones with their little hands to make photos appear. Are our brains wired for all this?

  3. I love my keyboard! I don't think I'll ever get rid of it, even if I have a really good dictation option. I don't want everyone around to hear what I'm writing, and touchscreens sacrifice speed writing.

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:


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