Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Old School I

I is for Internet Cafes and In-Person Interviews.

I'm not sure if there were Internet Cafes here, but when I was in the Philippines, the Internet Cafe business became popular when different expensive computers came out en masse. Not a lot of people can afford their own set of PC and dial-up modems in order to connect to the internet, but a lot of them were curious to try them all.

So, shops opened up with numerous PCs for rent by the hour at every street corner. It wasn't cheap, but paying hourly was the closest to having internet at your reach. The store supervisors would log you in and your time starts. You can surf everywhere, send emails, chat, etc. Unfortunately, I was one of those who couldn't afford my personal computer at that time. I often do my paperwork inside an Internet Cafe. I think I saw one shop here before, but it was a game store. You rent a computer to play an online video game. It has the same concept. I became fortunate to afford my own laptop when I got here, and the free wifis from different places helped, too. My old laptop became unworkable, but I received a new one from my husband. Computers are easily acquired here resulting to having no need for an Internet Cafe.

If ever you will travel out of the country, be prepared. You might still encounter several countries with Internet Cafes.


I've been noticing lately that several interviews happen through video-conferencing. In-person interviews rarely happen. No more preparing for a bit of travel, going to office buildings, and talking to someone face-to-face. The convenience of your computer screen makes you wear a suit on top and pajamas at the bottom without being discovered nor embarrassed. This is also connected to group meetings. They all can be inside the comfort of their homes, but they are all planning big things through their computer screens. The magic of the internet. It makes people glued inside their house. My job requires signatures all the time, so no video-conferencing for that. *laughs*

Do you prefer talking to people through computer screens instead of seeing them face-to-face? What's the pros and cons?


  1. Well I have no idea how to do my video anything, or make the webcam work so if someone wants to interview me I'll have to go to their office. I haven't seen many internet cafes here but if I want to print anything off the internet I have to go the library and use their computers b/c I don't have printing capabilities at home.

    1. It's easy if your computer/laptop has a built-in webcam. It's just a matter of switching it on by clicking the controls. It's a teeny-weeny bit difficult if you have a separate webcam. Sometimes it's hard to find where to put it to focus on you. I had one that needed to be hooked on the laptop screen. It kept on falling backwards, so the video was always about the ceiling of my room. LOL

  2. I prefer face to face. I'm on the computer all day.

    1. I think face-to-face is still better, too. You really get to feel the good vibe of the person, or the other way around.

  3. That's so funny. Just as I thought I'd never see another Internet cafe, one actually popped up right down the street from me, here in California. They don't get a lot of business. Just a couple of days ago, I heard that their shops in two neighboring cities were shut down because they were conducting illegal online gaming.

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:


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