Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Old School Z

Z is for Zoinks.

I know, I know. Zoinks is gibberish.

Gibberish is what we get when text messaging came out. We used to write complete sentences, correct spellings, and use correct punctuation. Right now, after the internet and computer boom, we see a lot of these:

Text Message #1: Wassup bro!? Watcha doin? U gona C me l8r @ 9?
Text Message #2: Yo! Im chillin bro. C ya @ 9!

I know that a lot of you would say, "Well, there's only this much characters allowed, especially on Twitter..." Seriously? I got an email with "text message lingo." It's crazy! Just because they emailed through their phone, they got used to the text message spelling.

I do hope school teachers don't pass those essays with that kind of writing. I mean, come on.

I admit, at first, I tried it, but I felt I damaged the whole English structure. I'm looking at my fellow Filipinos and shake my head when I see them shortening their Tagalog words with weird syllable replacements. Here's an example:

Me (english) = Ako (Tagalog) = Aq (gibberish) = ZOINKS!

See what I mean? I hope that the complete English structure won't be obsolete.

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Old School Y

Y is for Yellow Pages.

Our good old business finder. The big bulky Yellow Pages book. When you need plumbing services, or electrical services (any type of service or business for that matter), just open up your big Yellow Pages book. All businesses are alphabetically arranged for easy browsing. Those were the olden days before Google. Nowadays, you go to Google's site (or any other search engine that you use), type what you need and voila! A long list of answers right in front of your screen. This means, you can also search through your data-connected phone, tablet, and computers, anywhere, anytime. So easy, no flipping pages, and definitely no killing trees.

The Old School X

X is for Xerox and X-Rated.

Before you scroll down to the last topic, do read Xerox first. *laughs* The word Xerox is what I'm referring to. When Xerox came out, it became easy for us to have multiple copies of documents. I know that this is way before the internet and computers, and Xerox is a brand name not a verb, but somehow, the word Xerox itself became popular that people used it as the official word meaning "to copy." For example:

Boss: Miss Smith, please xerox these legal documents and mail them out.
Secretary: Yes, Mr. Williams.

When the internet and computers came out, the word xerox slowly diminished and the correct word "copy" took place. At least, that's how I've observed it. I do know that it's not obsolete. Some still use it to order copies of documents, but at this age and time, the word "copy" is a better verb. Right?

Okay, so here we arrive at the topic X for X-Rated Paid Porn. Yes, before the internet and computers, x-rated porn were paid through renting or buying copies at video stores or sex-toy stores. (Don't ask me where! LOL) Now that the internet is all out in full force, there are a whole bunch of free porn accessible through the world wide web. *cringe* (Don't ask me for the URL Links!) So, for parents out there, beware. Full length movies of x-rated porn are all out the internet. Guard your computers well.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Old School W

W is for Walkman and Wrist Watches.

Not everybody today has seen the first Walkman sets. But for those who have, I'm sure you rocked yourself out with it back in the days. If you don't know what it is, a Walkman is a Sony brand portable audio cassette player that comes with U-shaped headphones. Old school!

The first sets actually introduced a big change in people's music-listening habits. People were able to carry music with them anywhere they go.

Walkman is still a Sony brand, but it is now used for better improved gadgets. With the MP3s, phones, and tablets out, I don't think a portable audio cassette player can be seen around nowadays. Inside antique stores, probably.

Let's talk about wrist watches. They're definitely not obsolete. You'd still see a lot of people wearing expensive wrist watches. However, they might not be as big of a number as in the past prior to cellphones. I'm one of those who don't wear wrist watches anymore. My phone tells me time all the time. I always have my phone with me, so I don't need to wear a wrist watch. Plus, the computers always have time on the lower right corner of the screens. Who needs a wrist watch? I guess, if I'm attending a formal dinner of some sort, maybe I'd consider it as a fashion jewelry, but not as a necessity anymore.

Do you still wear a wrist watch?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Old School V

V is for VCR, VHS and Vinyl Records.

VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder. I believe this is definitely obsolete since we now have Digital Recorders and Tivo. No rewinders. It's easy and convenient. That's the important thing about technology.

VHS stands for Video Home System. It is a consumer level analog recording videotape-based cassette standard. With the convenience of Compact Discs, VHS is on the edge of goodbye. However, there are still a lot of VHS users out there. Their number is slowly decreasing, though.

Vinyl Records became obsolete when compact discs and MP3s came out. However, I recently read online that there are vinyl records sold in stores. Antique turntables are polished and used. I prefer vinyl, if only I own my own turntable, seriously.

I forgot another important T. Toll takers or personnel. With the growth of Fastrak, people taking toll payments are now jobless. The Golden Gate bridge is on Fastrak mode all around. No more toll takers. Technology takes human jobs away.

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Old School U

U is for Unlimited Privacy.

It's not a brand name nor an obsolete gadget. It is your privacy. Ever since social media came out, your hidden world is now exposed. Well, that's if you are the type who lingers around computers and creates public profiles in popular social media sites. Just like me, always on my phone, my tablet and my laptop. Nowadays, not having those is sort of considered creepy (who said that?). I read it from an online article, that's what. Even criminals have Twitter and Facebook accounts, that's why. Is this the new type of reverse psychology? Who knows?

Seriously, is our privacy getting obsolete? I remember in the past, when someone is loud and all over the place, we consider that person strange and a bad influence. Right now, however, if someone is hidden and not socializing, that person is the strange one. Really? Wheels of change have turned.

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Old School T

T is for Typewriter machines and Turntables.

I miss my Typing Class in college, especially the antique typewriter machines. I loved hitting the keys so hard that it seemed like a great spilling ground for violence. *laughs* Seriously speaking, if you didn't hit the typewriter keys hard, you'd likely get no carbon print on your work. Hit it hard! Unless you're Clark Kent, then don't. You'll destroy it! *wink wink* I loved typewriters because it projected discipline from the typist. There were certain rules to follow. If not, the whole project would be a failure, particulary when we typed that trees poem by Joyce Kilmer. It was difficult at first, but after getting the hang of it, everything became easy. The whole poem looked like a tree! Just imagine how hard it was to be a writer in the past. You'd have to use a typewriter! Ha!

I don't think Turntables are obsolete. In fact, I think they're having a come-back appearance. There are music records that are getting sold in vinyl form as of late. That only means turntables are still around to play them. Turntables have this very distinctive crisp sound when you mount the vinyl on and let the needle ride with it. I must have my favorite Frank Sinatra songs and a foxtrot dance step... I'd be all set!

Do you miss those things?

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Old School S

Before I start with S, let me say that I totally forgot about one important R. The Rotary Phone. It's so obsolete for me, that's why. *laughs* Everything about the non-rotary phones means push buttons. Rotary dial is just vintage art nowadays. I was kidding. I have seen some that are still rotary, but it makes me not want to touch it. It's that feeling when you're in front of an antique object. You're afraid to break it. *giggles*

Okay, so here we go with the S. It's all about Snail Mailing. Without the internet, especially emailing and texting messages, snail mailing was the only form of communication (silent communication, that is, so don't consider the phone). You do know how important communication is, especially between long distance admirers, lovers or friends. One has to put up a good impression, even on paper. Different kinds of stationery pads, pens, pencils, stickers, envelopes--even scented ones--and stamps were in full trade. People had to write legibly and exercise their hands through their different ink strokes. And then, one waits for replies. Wait, wait, and wait. Unlike the internet's speedy delivery, the post office delivery takes a while.

I love receiving snail mail. This is not obsolete, and that's my personal experience. I'm still a member of International Pen Friends Club, and there are still a whole lot of people who write letters and send them via air mail or regular local post. We just can't allow the post offices to close!

Writing letters is a very nice thing. It's more personal, intimate, and passionate. Special time and attention are given in order to create one letter. I know that one also gives time and attention when you type an email or even do a typewritten-printed letter, but Times New Roman, Arial and Garamond, even Comic Sans, are not your handwriting. Your penmanship is unique. That makes it more special.

I love my numerous international and local penfriends! Their letters inspire me to write, and replying to them helps me become a better writer.

Do you want to exchange snail mail letters? *grins*

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Old School R

There's a lot of old school Rs.

I'm quite sure that you are all familiar with business cards. We exchange them with other professionals whom we do business transactions with. Or, we just give them to those who need our contact information. The cards that we get are normally inserted in card holders or mounted on a Rolodex. It's a brand of card holder with different styles. With the boom of the cellphone industry, we now throw away business cards after recording phone numbers and other contact information on our phones. Why keep recyclables on Rolodex, right?

When it comes to recorders, we use tapes in the past. Big ones and small ones. They get recorded on, rewinded, erased, and recorded on again. Nowadays, digital recorders are what we use. Non-bulky, easy to use, no more winding and rewinding. Tapes are obsolete when it comes to recording data. It's definitely something I really like.

With hi-technology in place and improved, reporting news or data sharing is now instant. Unlike in the past when every footage gets recorded and gets transported before getting aired and viewed. Not every news van had live feed capabilities. In fact, with cellphones having video recorders, even non-journalists have the ability to record news data and transport to TV stations. I would like to mention here the Boston Marathon Bombings as an example. Without the help of non-journalists' input of data (specifically random photos and videos), the suspects wouldn't have been caught. Thanks to all who contributed their photos and videos. Thanks to all of Boston's finest--cops--SWAT, FBI, military and all authorities, too. United we stand! Now, this is what I call great technology. Don't you agree?

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Old School Q

Q is for Queues and Queries.

I'm referring to queues inside grocery stores. Have you noticed that we now have self-check out? I know that lines won't die down ever. It won't get obsolete. However, we've improved technology and taken out some of the cashiers out. Bad for employment, but is it really convenient for shoppers? Queues may be old school when self-check out is around, but how fast can one check out? I see a long line behind the self-check out stands, really.

When it comes to queries, it is so easy to find answers nowadays. Google or Bing, everything's online and on your phone. Unlike before, it is so difficult to do research. It's all hands-on. You have to go to big libraries or big institutions in order to find data. Today, with the convenience of the internet, everything is a few typing of letters away. Perhaps the next level of improvement is to discover telekinetic powers. Bring items to you! Oh well, I'm dreaming...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Old School P

There's a lot of stuff under P.

First, Polaroid Cameras. I'm sure you've heard of it. Maybe, some of you haven't seen an actual one, but you've seen its kind of photos through Instagram or other camera apps from your phones. I've used one in the past. Point, shoot, print, fan the print-out, and fan more. Meaning, dry it out. *laughs* I've used it taking a lot of my pets' photos back home in the Philippines. Now, that makes me feel old. *cringe* I don't really miss it much, because I don't consider it producing a good quality picture. However, it surely made a big difference when it comes to "instant" cameras. No need to wait for film to develop.

Next is Passwords. Technology has shown us new ways of passing security: retina displays, finger prints, and hand prints. Big example for this is my 24 hour fitness gym membership. My password to enter the gym is not my driver's license anymore. It's my index finger print and phone number. Passwords aren't obsolete yet. It just evolves to something uniquely you. This is being tried out. Not all establishments use this yet. Maybe, they're all waiting for the tongue print. Who knows?

Last but not the least, Plastic Bags. Lots of stores have banned plastic bags in connection to the green campaign of different organizations. At least, here in the Bay Area they're mostly banned. They're now replaced by reusable bags. Now, if only my brain won't forget to bring it with me when shopping. Sigh.

What do you think of these old school stuff? Pros and cons?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Old School O

O is for Old School.

I'm talking about the old school of old schools in my own terms, and this concerns cash.

I don't carry cash. Bills or dollar notes, if you want to be very specific. I prefer paying with my ATM or Credit Cards. All my transactions end up in my bank statement, and it's easier for me to manage and check everything. That's the hi-tech payment for me. So, using cash is sort of neanderthal. For me, okay? I'm talking about me.

Cash payment is too old school. It requires me to get the receipts and keep them away until the next tax filing. Nooo! It's annoying. But I guess, Neat Receipts was invented for that, too. Still, receipts are printed out. I applaud the companies who email me receipts instead.

I know that not everybody has succumbed to the ATM-Credit-Card convenience because of all the identity theft reports, bank glitches, etc. In fact, a lot of Asian restaurants don't want to charge. They want cold hard cash. Maybe that's why I don't go to them. I don't like places where I'm required to bring cash for paying. I patronize the establishments with Visa/Mastercard logos outside their doors.

Maybe I'm too picky, but what's your take on this old school payment?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Old School N

N is for Newspaper.

Saving trees became one of the main goals of different environmental organizations. Lots of green projects increased in number. When the internet joined the scene, newspapers became less needed. It's not totally obsolete, but its industry had a big loss of subscribers.

News became accessible through computers, cellphones, tablets, and phablets (phones-tablets combined). Every little bit of information flooded the internet: encyclopedia, dictionary, magazines, books, tabloids, classifieds, etc. Who needs a printed newspaper nowadays? Oh, I do know the answer. Collectors of cartoon strips, scrapbookers and the like, but not everybody compared to the past.

The convenient way of reading about the whole world became available through small mobile gadgets. Technology eliminated the bulky morning paper you love to tuck in your brief case. Your hands became free of smudgy newspaper ink. No more turning tons of big pages in order to find the continuation of the news story from the front page. Everything sat in the palm of your hands with a swipe of your index finger.

Ah, convenience! And you're helping the planet, too. Don't you agree? Unless you're a cartoon strip collector, or a scrapbooker... or a news clipper, perhaps.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Old School M

M is for Maps.

I'm quite sure that everybody can relate to this. With the invention of the GPS Navigation, who needs a paper map, especially if every cellphone has it, too? Or you can buy a GPS unit for your car, and you're good to go anywhere, everywhere. (Unless you have mazeophobia like me. *laughs*)

Seriously, I didn't own a GPS unit back in 2005. I got lost in Sacramento. I stopped by a liquor store and asked for directions. The cashier advised me to buy a map. Duh. I didn't buy a map. I didn't want to read a map while searching for the correct road. *giggles* Well, I do know how to read a map, I just didn't want to waste money on a downtown Sacramento map. I never visit it often enough for me to own its map. So, I saved my money and got me a GPS unit instead.

GPS Navigation went out with a loud boom of convenience. People who get lost easily can now just listen to the voice prompts and arrive at their destinations. It's a piece-o-cake!

The fun thing about GPS voice prompts is that you can buy a unit with different types of voices. The funniest I've heard so far was Ozzy Osbourne's voice telling me where to turn left. He cussed at me! "You effin' need to turn left!" I was shocked. I think I missed my turn. *cackles*

Technology can be fun sometimes. Have you heard a famous voice on a GPS? Tell me your story.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Old School L

L is for Laser Discs and Landline Phones.

I first encountered the big Laser Discs back in the Philippines. We rented movies and the size of the discs were like a long-playing vinyl album. It was huge compared to the DVD sizes we now have. I can say that Laser Discs are totally obsolete at this very moment. I haven't seen one at all! Have you? I'm sure they're in a technology museum somewhere. Anyways, I don't really miss it. It's bulky. Plus the LD players spit out a big plate where you put the LD on. More accidents to happen with a huge plate!


I still use a landline phone at work, but not at home. I don't think a lot of people have landline phones inside their houses nowadays. With the popularity of cellphones, who needs a landline phone? The dial-up modem users, I'm sure they do. Somewhere up the mountains? Do you have a landline phone at home?

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Old School K

K is for Keys and Keyboards.

Those heavy cling-clanging keys on your keychains will soon disappear. Well, not really that soon. Who knows when? But, with the invention of keyless entry, you might as well consider your keys antique for display in a museum in the near future. How awesome it is to enter your car without a key, or even start it, too. I'd probably panic not knowing what to do if the engine dies in the middle of the freeway. *laughs*

The hi-tech retina scanning and finger-print readers to enter highly secured places are just another sign of how technology and science merge to create something out of the ordinary. Use your unique retina scan to enter your house one day, or the palm of your hand to enter and drive your car. Just don't lose your eyeballs and hands, okay?


My love for keyboards slowly fades away with the invention of touch screens. I'm still in-love with keyboards, though, especially my cellphone's. I just can't seem to type faster with touch screens. There's always a typo! It slows my wpm and it's irritating. But, everybody's getting used to the touch screen mode. I just couldn't let go, that's why I'm getting used to it too late. Nothing's too late when motivated.

How about you, do you love touch screens? Or are you like me?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Old School J

J is for Job Hunting.

Without the computers and internet, job hunting would be gruesome. You must have a subscription to a newspaper, open the classified ads, and search through the numerous job listings. You're either requested to call or visit in person from each listings you're interested in. You have to dress up and travel to the different addresses you've acquired. Your whole day becomes totally booked with just job applications. That means, a different day for job interviews. How time consuming! Just imagine also the money you're spending traveling everywhere, unless you walk or bike. Also, you spend money printing out your cover letters and resumes. Or if needed mailed out, you need stamps.

With the computers and internet, your applications are done online. Easy! The job ads come to you with an emailed notification. You can do other things while applying for a job, and it also means you can send out multiple applications all at the same time. The interviews can happen through phone calls or video-conferencing. Very convenient!

How times have changed!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Old School I

I is for Internet Cafes and In-Person Interviews.

I'm not sure if there were Internet Cafes here, but when I was in the Philippines, the Internet Cafe business became popular when different expensive computers came out en masse. Not a lot of people can afford their own set of PC and dial-up modems in order to connect to the internet, but a lot of them were curious to try them all.

So, shops opened up with numerous PCs for rent by the hour at every street corner. It wasn't cheap, but paying hourly was the closest to having internet at your reach. The store supervisors would log you in and your time starts. You can surf everywhere, send emails, chat, etc. Unfortunately, I was one of those who couldn't afford my personal computer at that time. I often do my paperwork inside an Internet Cafe. I think I saw one shop here before, but it was a game store. You rent a computer to play an online video game. It has the same concept. I became fortunate to afford my own laptop when I got here, and the free wifis from different places helped, too. My old laptop became unworkable, but I received a new one from my husband. Computers are easily acquired here resulting to having no need for an Internet Cafe.

If ever you will travel out of the country, be prepared. You might still encounter several countries with Internet Cafes.


I've been noticing lately that several interviews happen through video-conferencing. In-person interviews rarely happen. No more preparing for a bit of travel, going to office buildings, and talking to someone face-to-face. The convenience of your computer screen makes you wear a suit on top and pajamas at the bottom without being discovered nor embarrassed. This is also connected to group meetings. They all can be inside the comfort of their homes, but they are all planning big things through their computer screens. The magic of the internet. It makes people glued inside their house. My job requires signatures all the time, so no video-conferencing for that. *laughs*

Do you prefer talking to people through computer screens instead of seeing them face-to-face? What's the pros and cons?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Old School H

H is for Handwritten Letters and Handheld PDAs.

Gone are the days when people write letters by hand. I've had my days of reading unreadable penmanship, too. I guess all of them illegible writers are happy to have a computer to type their letters with, click print, and do magic. Emailing galore! Hello to arthritis! Well, handwritten letters, for me, exercises my hand, and it circulates the blood in my hand. I even practice my left hand to write. Ambidexterity to the max! I'm not saying that it's totally obsolete because I still write by hand, and I know a lot of others who do so. Still, emailing has replaced it more than half of the percentage, so yeah, it's kind of an old school.

Handheld PDAs or personal digital assistants were quite famous in the past. Palm Pilots! I had one and I was so happy with it, but it was just a heavy stylish digital calendar, clock and address book, nothing special about it. They are now all gone, I think. They were replaced with our smartphones. Our phones have more than just a calendar, a clock and an address book. It's a phone! It's also a game, a mailbox, a diary, etc. It's not just a personal digital assistant, it's a pocket-sized psychiatrist!

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Old School G

G is for Games.

There were handheld games that I have enjoyed in the past, but are now either obsolete or included in annual game shows. I'm referring to Tamagotchis, Game & Watches, and pinball machines (I know pinballs aren't really carried by hand, but you flip it by hand--hahaha).

For Tamagotchis, they were the pocket-palm-sized, egg-shaped key chains that has a small digital screen. The screen shows you the digital pet. It starts with an egg and it cracks. You get notified when you need to feed it, play with it or cure it. It was fun at start, but it gets annoying at the end because it ends up bothering you all the time. Very demanding toy! Cellphone app makers created an app for Tamagotchis. It's playable today, but it's still annoying. I just miss the egg-shaped key chains. *giggles*

For Game & Watches, I've played the Popeye and Brutus, the Octopus, and the Chef versions. I miss them all. I tried searching online thinking I'd be able to buy it for cheap, but I was disappointed. Not only they're really rare, but if you try to buy it from someone who collected it, it's very expensive, and they might not be working. Booo!

For pinball machines, I guess I'm happy to say that I still can play them at this age. However, they're not available everywhere unlike before. (i.e. roller skate rinks, movie theaters, bowling alleys, etc.) There are only a very few places where they are located. Fortunately, I go to California Extreme, Pacific Pinball Museum, and Pin-a-Go-Go. They all have the pinball machines I love! They do manufacture new machines today, but they're the hi-tech ones with fancy lights and sounds. It would probably cost a fortune when I play with it. At least, during the expo shows, one flat fee for free play all day.

How about you, do you have a vintage game that you miss at this age?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Old School F

F is all about Floppy Disks and Film.

When "floppy disks" first went out, everybody was serious in using it. Then the jokes started. Gosh, I wish I could tell you all the jokes about "floppy disks," but I might get banned from Blogger. *laughs hysterically* (Somehow I felt weird laughing because I'm not sure everybody got the explicit-adult-joke-eyebrow-nudge I did.) Anyways, if some of you don't know what a "floppy disk" is, it's the bigger version of a flash drive (that's how I understand what it was). You save stuff in it. It looks square and flimsy. That's why the name floppy was used, I guess. (Can you guess I didn't do some research on this? *giggles*)

No, I seriously did research about it. "Floppy disk," or diskette, is a disk storage medium. It's thin and flexible, sealed in a rectangular plastic carrier lined with fabric that removes dust particles. It started at 8-inch (200mm) in size. Later on, it became 5.25in (133mm) and 3.5in. (90mm).

With the improvement of technology, storage became smaller with bigger capacity. Not sure if there are still floppy disks being used, but I'm sure I prefer my tiny USB flash drives.

How about you? Do you have a "floppy disk?" (Oh please, get your minds off the gutter. *laughs out loud*)


For years, I've used film when taking photos. My photography class in college enabled me to develop my own films in a dark room. I didn't like the smell of the chemicals at all. It was like working around vomit the whole day.

I know that there are still a lot of photographers who use film, especially the professional ones, but there are also more pros using digital nowadays. Digital is very convenient. No more numerous boxes of film to buy and store. Everything is in the cloud! Well, not literally, just saying.

Photos are now saved in SD cards. No more bulky film strips. No more days of waiting to develop photos. Point and shoot. Shoot and print. Print and display. Voila!

Technology. It makes lives easy. Don't you think so?

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Old School E

E is for Encyclopedia.

When I was a little girl of five (back home in the Philippines), there were a bunch of big, hardbound, and expensive-looking books locked inside one of our spacious glass-covered shelves.

One day, one of my aunties unlocked the glass door of one of the shelves. She took out one of the giant books. She went back to her chair and opened the book flat on her desk. I approached her because I got curious to find out what was inside the big book.

My eyes were captivated instantly. The pages were colored and they had a lot of pictures and drawings.

"Auntie, may I have one of those books, too?" I asked.

"Sure you may," she replied. She stood up and reached for the very first book in front of the row.

"Are those drawing books?" I asked, waiting for a positive answer.

"Nope," my auntie said handing over the book to me that has a silver A on the cover.

I was disappointed that the books weren't drawing books, but as a kid it was a normal reaction.

My auntie told me that the books inside the shelves carried all the information about the whole world. She added that everything inside was written alphabetically. Also, she advised me that I'd learn a lot of information by reading them.

I got interested in reading because of the different encyclopedias at home. We had Colliers and Encyclopedia Britannica at that time, as far as I can recall.

Today, decades after, every bit of information can be found online--through laptops, cellphones, and tablets. No more thick, heavy, hardbound encyclopedia books. Technology made our lives easier. With this old school gadget, I totally agree. Can you imagine carrying 26 hardbound books, from letters A to Z? I carry my phone with me everyday knowing I can get answers if ever I encounter a scientific phenomenon around the corner. I miss the smell of old encyclopedia books, but I surely don't want to carry them all with me for information's sake.

Maybe, I'd carry them if I need backpack weight while doing my walking workout. *wicked evil grin*

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Old School D

Letter D is all about Dial-up Modem. I surely don't miss that irritating dial-up sound when connecting to the internet. It was too annoying, really. The old school internet connection was just slow, too. You'd probably grow a lot of white hair waiting for it to connect.

It's funny when I recall my very first internet connection back home in the Philippines. That ringing screech sound blasted through the speakers. I left the computer table trying to avoid a headache. I got out my pen and paper, wrote a letter, finished the letter, yet the dial-up was still disconnected.

I hope none of you are still using the Dial-up Modem. If you do, just know I don't envy you. *grins*

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Old School C

Today's letter C old school gadgets are Cassette Tapes, CDs and Catalogs.

Kids nowadays wouldn't even know what a cassette tape is. Well, some of them. However, there are still cars that have a cassette deck on their dashboards, and electronic stores sell an adapter that would plug a better gadget to it and play songs. Slowly, it will be like other obsolete and unused gadgets. I have this recorder I use for interviews. It has a mini-cassette tape in it. I know there are digital recorders now, but it's vintage! *laughs*

You'd probably wonder why CDs are included in this "old school" list. With music downloads booming, CDs are on the edge of goodbye. I used to buy a lot of CDs so I can play my favorite songs in the car, but with my ability to buy songs through my phone and save it on my phone disabled my purchase of CDs. Sad but true. Well, I guess not really sad. That's a lot of space saved in my book shelf at home, too.

Last but not the least, catalogs. I wish they're totally gone, but a few companies are consistent of mailing them out. I get a lot of emails promoting certain products which used to be promoted through mailed out catalogs. I prefer the emails than killing trees. I wish the catalogs would totally end and banned from being mailed out, but I guess that's just me. I wouldn't want souvenir brochures gone, though. Oh well.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Old School B

B is for bookstores and books. It's sad to see all of my favorite brick and mortar bookstore branches have closed. There are still some that are open, but for how long? With the recent boom of ebooks and ereaders, real actual books are now too expensive and too heavy to carry.

I miss the days when I step inside a real bookstore and get that happy-feeling of being surrounded by actual books. I love the smell of new books. Well, I do love the smell of the old ones, too. That's why I'm also a fan of the library. Reading an actual book page just doesn't compare to the screen of my phone or tablet.

The thrill of touching each page and turning it excitedly, as the plot unfolds from one page to another, is exquisite. My eyes aren't strained by the matte pages compared to screens. Plus, a lot of indie and self-published books aren't edited like actual books. There are too many grammar errors on ebooks, and they're also too wordy. I still like the traditional route of publication.

Eventually, the green projects would succeed one day in the future. Actual books will be gone, and what we have are all digital copies of classics. I hope this won't be the sign of accepting the grammar-error era. Yikes.


B is also for Betamax. This was the very first form of movie-viewer I'd experienced. Funny, the projector came second for me. I digress. Betamax came before the VHS, but for me they looked alike (because I was not too technically geeky). I know, I know, they were different. Betamax was physically smaller than the VHS. It was inconvenient to watch a movie with a rewinder. I had to wait for the full rewind to finish. During my unlucky moments in the past, the separate rewinder machine had eaten up the whole betamax tape. No more movie!


I'm not sorry that Betamax was discontinued. An update was needed to improve movie-viewing. It's not the same feeling towards bookstores, though. Don't you think so?