Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Writing Groups

Photo taken here.

There were no expectations in my mind when I attended a couple of my writing events. I told myself, “I'm used to meeting friendly strangers in the past anyways. There's nothing to be afraid of.” (For the readers who don't know, I used to organize my own Meetup group, and through it I've met different kinds of people.)

During my very first meeting with Fremont Area Writers group, I was completely armored with pen, paper, laptop, and an open-mind; I was (and still is) eager to learn, to share, to witness, and to get motivated in writing more. However, since our fearless leader was unavailable that evening, all the members did self-introductions instead. It was fun meeting new friends, and for them being fellow aspiring writers made it more fascinating. Each and everyone shared their life experiences and what made them start to write.

Every book published today carries different life experiences, and that I truly believe to be a fact.

Last night was my second attendance in Fremont Area Writers' Meet and Critique Tuesday meeting. Our leader was there and gave us writing exercises. It was fun! At first, I found it difficult to motivate my brain and compose sentences. It was after work hours for me, and my mind was mostly drained out. But, I was able to participate. Once in a while, my brain needed a kick-start of some sort. The delicious Chai Tea Latte at Mission Coffee helped me big time. (Now I'm craving for some!)

Another group I attended was the East Bay Science-Fiction Fantasy Writers. The set up of this group was different compared to Fremont Area Writers. Attendees would get an emailed printable document. The document must be reviewed, edited or noted on, and shared during the meeting. My first attendance made me review two different manuscripts' first 7,500 words. It was interesting being in an editor's pair of shoes, but being too technical kind of didn't suit the whole scenario. I'm not an editor, so I myself questioned the credibility of my critiquing. I had to avoid being hard on myself sometimes. Anyways, I totally enjoyed all the input shared. I learned a lot from other writers.

All of these meetings were, of course, located at my comfort zone. Remember my mazeophobia? I don't RSVP to a meeting if I don't know where it is. I just happen to know the area where the past meetings were located, and that's why I called it lucky for me to go to. No need for my husband to drive me to it. **sigh of relief**

My future looks very legible right now.


  1. That's great that you've found a group! :) Hey are you going to try Blogging from A-Z in April?

    1. I want to! I'm just having a hard time figuring out what I'm going to write about. *laughs*

      By the way, are you having a hard time uploading images in each post?

  2. Hi Sonnia. I'm just dropping by as an A to Z co-host to follow your blog. Nice to meet you!

    1. Hi Matthew! Thanks for following. I need to peruse all the other blogs as well, so that I could follow the ones in my category (or other categories if they're really interesting). I have to schedule a really long time in front of my computer. LOL


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