Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Things Mean A Lot

Every Valentine's Day, both single or married couples do something special. In connection with that today, I subconsciously asked myself, “Why do something special only on Valentine's Day?”

Today's not the popular heart's day yet. It's Chinese New Year, but we didn't celebrate it. What my husband and I celebrated was more special. We celebrated each other and our relationship, “just because.”

You might laugh when I say our grocery shopping was extra special when we did it together. We talked while we walked along each aisle and shared opinions about simple stuff like Bok Choy or Fish Balls. We explored places, like at the very back of an Asian Market, and witnessed how live fish got caught in a net, and how Dungeness Crabs got chopped while trying to snip the butcher.

We both considered it sweet and cute to share our time together. Little things mean a lot.

The short moments inside our kitchen, while my husband watched me cook, were special. The conversation we shared over dinner was precious. When we played saxophone together during Stanford Women's Basketball Game, we were both ecstatic. Sharing time together was a celebration. It was the kind of occasion we wanted to happen everyday.

Little things mean a lot. A glance from afar, a smile from across the room, the eagerness to share short stories about work, a quick hug, holding hands for a brief moment, having dinner together, drinking coffee together ... little special things. Not only on Valentine's Day.

You should celebrate love everyday. Start with little things. They mean a lot.


  1. I totally agree. I've always been baffled by couples that treat each other like crap most of the year but then make the grand gesture on Valentines Day. It's kind of hollow and meaningless. I don't like the stupid 'guilt trip' commercials for expensive jewelry, candy and flowers either. Last weekend Russell surprised me with a beautiful card that he picked out special. I cried with happiness and gratitude. I wasn't expecting it. Stuff like that means the world to me. Holding hands while watching TV, the way he comes up behind me in the kitchen and wraps his arms around me, the way he looks at me...

    1. I agree with the commercials. But, companies have one goal on every occasion, and that's to sell what they profit from. I can't really blame them when they go over-the-top on the "guilt trip" lesson from their ads. The consumers are the ones who need to discover the hidden agenda behind it all.

      I'm so happy your electricity is back, Jo. I hope all is fine where you are. Sending you all my love and lots of hugs.


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