Friday, February 8, 2013

A Dash of Muse

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It's fascinating how our minds work when we are asleep. It can take us into our past, a world unknown, and a different reality full of possibilities and adventure.

Have you dreamed lately? A dream may look and sound real to you, but it is, in fact, an imagination of the future, or a remembrance of the past. Our minds produce every frame and shot of different imaginary scenes, and old memories. It's a short movie of our subconsciousness.

Oftentimes, imagination conquers the whole subconscious level. We step into a whole new world, envisaging new things, new places, and new people. What we don't have we gain in our dreams. What we have which we don't want, we let go in a different reality.

I sometimes want my muse to be in front of me, face to face, so I could ask her a lot of questions. But, I also have envisioned in my mind that she'd probably laugh at my silly queries. Presently, she's basking herself at a beach somewhere in the Pacific, where there's no technology distraction. We're temporarily detached. Emphasis on “temporarily” is what I want to believe in.

Luckily, I have my non-fiction articles to write for Y!CN. I've always thought that I couldn't express myself through non-fiction, but I find it rather therapeutic because it is about what I know and have experienced. It is never imaginary.

Unfortunately, my mind wanders using tiny tip-toed steps towards the mysterious path of creativeness. It is hungry for its own storm and rainbow. How do I feed such hunger? How to cure something that is not physical? Write more. That's the only solution to everything.

My mind gets clouded and I put it on paper. Seeing it at a certain distance gives great perspective on the whole scenario of thought. With or without my muse, I can, and will always, write. I consider her the final seasoning to what I do. A little dash at the end makes a big difference.

It's a good recipe.

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