Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daily Writing Routine

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Writing and time go well together. But, when time is not available, writing can't be done.

If writing is not available, on the other hand, time passes by unproductively.

So what would you do in order to bring them together to accomplish goals? Unleash your furtive multitasking abilities.

I've been told in the past that pursuing a writing career won't earn me money. To have a real stable day-job, legally obtained and properly maintained, would sustain life instead. In normal circumstances, a full time job eats up the entire day. Your brain gets tired to even dictate anything for your hand to do.

How on earth would a writer create stories on paper with that routine?

There are ways, of course. My best friend nowadays is a pen. I must always have an accessible pen with me, anywhere, any time of day (or pencil, if that's what rocks your boat). Automatically, I would need paper. Whatever blank piece of paper, ruled or not.

(Don't write on walls! An artist's expression should be expressed in legal terms. If an artist expresses his/her art illegally or by doing a crime, then s/he's a criminal, not an artist. That's my belief.)

I'm old school when it comes to writing. I have my desk-sized organizer with blank refills, as well as blank journals, for emergency downpour and spills. I'd simply write all the ideas that pop out my head. They're sometimes silly, weird, scary, sick, funny, inspiring, motivational, kinky and out-of-this-world.

Why do I want to write down all those? It is a personal satisfaction. I would re-read it after a few days, and what I created makes me smile. I try to share it with others, perhaps they get inspired, too.

Years in the past, I started with poems, mostly rhyming and some in free verse. But, the challenge of the rhyme and strict syllable-count were a boost of energy and pleasure for me. I told myself, “I'd always strive for a rhyming poem.” I got obsessed and experimented on poetic short stories. It was one great step. Then, I stuck to non-rhyming short stories. The desire to not cage myself lead me to writing novels.

At first, writing a novel scared me. Novels didn't happen in one day. But, I went for it. I took advantage of every free time available and just write, and write, and write. Where to find free time in my world? Everywhere, as long as I have my pen and paper with me. Ten minute breaks, lunch break, alone after dinner at home, a weekend by the lake... too many to list. With different locations come different ideas as well. The stories in my head would socialize with the people, places and events in my surrounding. For me, writing is very controllable as long as it is scheduled and attended.

The only thing uncontrollable is my muse. But, that's another blog topic.

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