Monday, February 6, 2017

Keto Sushi

Trying to fulfill my promise, so here's a wonderful recipe for all Kaleo fanatics. Well, I call it Kaleo since I combine Keto and Paleo as a whole. Plus, I schedule a bit of intermittent fasting in between, here and there, so it's a mix. Anyway, this is actually one of my favorite treats.

Since I can't eat rice, as a choice for a low carb diet, it's heaven to discover the replacement. Cauliflower. With the help of my food processor, I happily create cauliflower rice. You must remember not to over process it or it will be better off mashed cauliflower instead. I'm thinking of grating it next time I make some.

2 cups Cauliflower
3/4 cup Cream Cheese, softened
1-2 tbsp. Rice Vinegar (unseasoned)
1 tbsp. Soy Sauce (or coconut aminos)
5 sheets Nori
1 6-inch Cucumber
1/2 medium Avocado
Smoked Salmon (or any seafood)

Put two cups of rice cauliflower in a very hot pan and saute it. Once it's dry, add the soy sauce and mix it until cauliflower is coated with it.

Prepare the cream cheese and rice vinegar in a mixing bowl.

Mix in the cooked cauliflower rice. Be sure everything is coated.

Let it cool down before spreading on the Nori. Please make sure you let it cool down, or your Nori will be soggy.

Once it is cooled down, spread it thin or your preferred amount on one sheet of Nori.

Place slices of your favorite salmon, tuna, ebi, kani, tamago, cucumber, avocado, etc. Whatever floats your boat. Then roll it. It's easier if you have the sushi mat, which can be bought from any Japanese store or Asian store with a sushi aisle.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year ... New Motivation?

My blogging motivation fell off the bandwagon and it took a while to hop back on.

A year flew by and voila, here I am again trying to connect all the dots.

For that short disconnect, I decided to pause on Keto. I went back to my Filipino cooking. Meals full of rice, bread, and carbs. I watched myself, mind you. My sugar rode the roller coaster of love. Loved me so much. My plantar fasciitis didn't return, but the weight did. Darn door lock didn't work. LOL. My left hip and knee started bugging me more than usual, but I alleviated it with more walking. The feeling of bloatedness came back, accompanied by heartburn and discomfort in sleeping. Energy level definitely sucked. Depression, on and off.

So, my personal experiment will end next week. Meaning, I'm restarting Keto and IF (intermittent fasting). At the moment, I'm currently planning meals. It's not that hard to plan them anymore since I have compiled a bunch of them. Meat and cheese. Meat and veggies. Full fat heavy cream. At least, I'm happy with my current kitchen.

Oh yeah, we moved to a single-family-home. I love the house, especially the spacious kitchen. Gas stove, gas oven, island counter. Food prepping galore! Honestly, as I write this, I'm excited to spend time cooking for myself. Of course, I also enjoy cooking for my beloved husband and family. It gives me delight to see them eating what I made. The refrigerator is always cleaned out.

Keto Flu is expected to happen again. It's going to rock.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A-Z Challenge: Letter V

Whenever I see the letter V, it reminds me of my childhood cartoon, Voltes V. (It reads Voltes Five.)

Photo grabbed here.

Mazinger Z (1972) was the first cartoon I knew before Voltes V (1977). Daimos came after that (1978). Power Rangers is way after (1993). Yeah, yeah, call me a nerd for Japanese cartoons or TV programs. Just don't connect me with Anime stuff. They're not really as good as the Mazinger Z, Voltes V, and Daimos stuff I knew growing up.

A-Z Challenge: Letter U

For the letter U, there's only one word I normally associate when it comes to Filipino food, and that is Ukoy.

Photo grabbed here.

Ukoy (sometimes spelled as Okoy) is a shrimp fritter mixed with sweet potatoes and bean sprouts. Anything can be added in it, to be honest, as long as it becomes crunchy. It's great when dipped in spicy vinegar.

A-Z Challenge: Letter T

The letter T reminds me of Tuba, Talangka, and Taho.

Photo grabbed here.

Tuba means coconut wine. I've only tasted it once. It's sweet with a kick. It can also be referred to as Lambanog, which I discussed in Letter L. Double referrence, but it all boils down to being drunk. HaHa.

Photo grabbed here.

Recently, I discovered that our local Filipino grocery and wet market sells Talangka. They're known as Asian Shore Crabs. They're tiny crabs and they live along the riverbeds. I normally steam them and they're full of roe. Honestly, I can never eat them all the time. High blood pressure!

Photo grabbed here.

Taho is made of silky soft bean curd mixed with caramelized sugar called arnibal in Tagalog, and sago also known as tapioca pearls. In the Philippines, when the melodious shout of the Taho Vendor knocks your eardrums in the morning, you have to run out with cash and buy. I miss those days.

Photo grabbed here.

The Taho Vendor carries a thin wooden pole over his shoulder and two aluminum containers hang on the opposite ends. He walks around the neighborhood shouting "Tahooooo!" with his own magnetic melody. Taho Vendors are probably great singers. Their baritone voice gets thrown from one street corner to the next two blocks. HaHa.

Photo grabbed here.

The whole cup is definitely addictive. It's like morning crack. LOL.

A-Z Challenge: Letter S

I'm no longer going to apologize for my long breaks. I'll just continue this until it's done. The next A-Z Challenge for 2016 is about to begin this April. I know, I totally suck at blogging. LOL. Please bear with me. So, this is the S part of my 2015 A-Z Challenge. I'm almost done!
There's a lot of S words that remind me of the Philippines: Sili, Salabat, Sapin-Sapin, and Singkamas.

Photo grabbed here.

Sili is probably here in California. I'm probably not having any luck finding them, that is. All chilis here are normally the green kind. I miss Siling Labuyo. That's the real spicy red chili I grew up with.

Photo grabbed here.

Salabat is my home remedy for sore throat or cough. It's boiled ginger. That's it. No other ingredients, unless you want to add honey.

Photo grabbed here.

Sapin-Sapin is one of my favorite Philippine desserts. It's layered rice cakes. It's good with shredded coconut.

Photo grabbed here.

Singkamas is one of my favorite snacks. I love crunchy stuff! In fact, Singkamas or Jicama, is a great low carb replacement for French Fries. I have yet to try it at home, though. All I need is to find jicamas somewhere. HeHe.

Photo grabbed here.

The best part of eating Singkamas is putting Bagoong on it. Bagoong is Filipino shrimp paste. I prefer the spicy flavored version. Yum!

Friday, January 29, 2016

A-Z Challenge: Letter R

The letter R reminds me of a nicely made Rellenong Bangus. It's stuffed milk fish full of goodies.
Photo grabbed here.

Okay, that made me hungry.

A-Z Challenge: Letter Q

The letter Q reminds me of Ques (pronounced as kyoos): Banana-que and Camote-que.

Photo grabbed here.

Banana-que is deep-fried Saging na Saba (a type of banana famous in the Philippines) coated with brown sugar. (Hello T2D!)

Photo grabbed here.
Camote-que or Kamote-que is deep-fried sweet potato coated with brown sugar. (If you didn't know what T2D means, it's Type 2 Diabetes. LOL.) I'm bad.

My 2015 A-Z Challenge is all about what reminds me of the Philippines. I'm trying to finish it before the A-Z 2016. HaHa!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A-Z Challenge: Letter P

The letter P reminds me of Puto Bumbong and Puto Sulot. They're famous delicacies during Christmas in the Philippines.

Photo grabbed here.

Puto Sulot is made of sticky rice and sweetened with sugar and shredded coconut. It's best paired with coffee or tea.

Photo grabbed here.

Puto Bumbong, on the other hand, includes Ube or purple yam. They're both cooked in bamboos.

To get the Puto Sulot out of the bamboo, you need a stick to push it. Puto Bumbong must be shaken. I wish I could find a video and embed it here. Perhaps I'd do that later.

I know there are some small mom-and-pop Pinoy places here in California who sell these. I must hunt them down! LOL.

A-Z Challenge: Letter O

I'm terrible in blogging lately. Sorry. I will dramatically improve as soon as I organize my schedule and accomplish my plans.

My letter O refers to Onoy's Lugawan.

Photo grabbed here.

They serve different kinds of meaty porridge (lugaw) -- beef, pork, or chicken -- with yummy sidings (tokwa't baboy or sumpia -- tofu/pork and big eggrolls). It's been a while since I last ate at Onoy's. They might have changed their menu. Not sure if they serve "Lugaw #5." I'll tell you what it is in private. LOL.

How I wish there's a Lugawan here in California!